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Week 7 weigh in

Hi everyone.. I hope you are all doing ok x x x

Just got back from my weigh in (number 7), and have lost 4lb again!! :D :D

This seems to be my regular loss so as long as i don't mess it up, i am quite happy with that! If all goes ok, i should lose another 20lbs before i refeed for Xmas.. yippee!!

And i am now in the 13 stone band.... yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
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yayeeeee....well done SlimmerSu, go girl.
thats a fantastic loss and you are doing very well. you will defintely reach your mini goal of 20 lbs by christmas.
Thank you hunnnnnnnnnnn x x x

And i have gone from the obese bracket into the overweight!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy x x
Well done Su. That's a fantasticly consistant weight loss, it's great to see the figures adding up from week 1 to now and the losses opposite them! And now you're in the 13s Well done again!
Thank you hunnnn. I can't wait to tick the 'drop clothes size' bit. I have lost over 2 stone and still wear the same clothes i did when i was more than 16 stone!! (gutted!! lol).. My jeans are a bit looser, but not enough to need to wear a belt.
It will be funny if i walk down the road one day and all of a sudden my jeans are round my ankles!!! pmsl x x x

You are doing great too .. Keep it up x x x
OMG Su, that is sooooooooooooo brilliant:D your consistency is amazing! I can't understand why your clothes aren't falling off you though?????:confused:
Nor can i! I even tried my next size down jeans, but they are quite a way from doing up!! lol
Perhaps i will wake up tomorrow and the "fat-taking fairy" will have been and shaved a few inches off me, all round!!

What do you think????? lol x x
fingers crossed! Have you tried measuring yourself?

I read an interesting article yesterday when I was looking up Atkiins-type stuff for info as to what I'm going to do after LT and it said that you should actually be thinner after a diet that involves ketosis as you are burning up pure fat and not so likely to burn muscle mass! it said that this means that you will probably be thinner at a higher weight than previously as muscle weighs more than fat. I guess that this makes sense and also explained why I seem to have shrunk size-wise more than I expected.....still doesn't explain you though babe!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Well done Su - excellent losses!
Im feeling like you though - loads loat but still the same bloody clothes!! Grrrrrrrr
Well done Su - excellent losses!
Im feeling like you though - loads loat but still the same bloody clothes!! Grrrrrrrr
In the nicest possible way Jen, i am glad i am not the only one!!!! pmsl x x x x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Bloody annoying though isnt it?
You looking at the figures on paper thinking " Wow slim me!" and then you put your clothes on and they still fit damn it!


Fighting for My Health
Woohoo, well done Su :D Hope those jeans are down around your ankles soon ;) lol xx
Well done su

Smiling from ear to ear no doubt lol keep it up
Well dun Su :talk017: I hope my weight changes are as fab as yours.

Thank you Lydia.. You are doing better than i did.... Keep going hunni x x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Well done hun, that's a great loss xxx

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