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Week 7 weigh in........


Slowly but surely x
Bloody hell, I lost 2.5 pounds (good thing! and am suprised) and yet one lousy inch.......booo!

Got told off by my CDC for doing exercise involving weights cos I didnt lose off my arms nor did I lose off my thighs - she said running and cross training will bulk my muscle.

BUT! Bless her heart, she gave me some exercises to do that would help lose the inches rather than build my muscle. I did argue that exercise would make me leaner but she said..... erm, yes in effect but not on this diet.

Back to boring walking the dog this week, trying out the 30 day shred on low speed and at last she gave me her green light to officially do the SS+ (she said not to do it up until now as she was pleased with my losses on 810)
Anyway - its off and the bugger crap fat is off.

**warning - look away now.......mentioning food**
Ive just shoved a mini pork pie in my mush as my last binge before starving on SS+.......he heeeeeeeeeeee
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ooohhh you cheeky!!!
well done on the 2.5lbs
i beg to differ about building muscle to be honest.
you need to eat a lot more protien than this diet gives you in 3 packs to be able to build your muscle.... but do what is best for you...
you will of course build muscle if you have not been usiing them. but you are going to eventually lose the fat there as well!!!!
I agree with Kes, I've still lost inches and I'm using 1kg weights. Good luck with SS+ hun I'm moving up to it next week and cant wait to eat :)

well done on your loss x


Slowly but surely x
TMI alert:
to be fair, i could have lost more had I have been to the toilet since last wednesday. My number two's make an appearance at hideously irregular appearances. Infact, since that pork pie.....erm.......hang on.........
pmpl !


Slowly but surely x
nice one, that could have come BEFORE cdc came. Another pound down....GAWD, why is diet doing this to ME?


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its not just you hun, there are more people out there...
try those green tea tablets, see how they go!!


Slowly but surely x
im not feeling to cracky after that pork pie....tummy is gurgling LOTS.
This will deffo throw me off ketosis......ask me if i care?!
erm, maybe a bit x
I cant go loo without laxatives hun - am taking the husk now and hoping it works, cant remember what a natural number 2 feels like which isn't really a good thing - hopefully next week once I start eating a bit it will help a little
Well done on the loss and I agree with Kes... think she's talking through her proverbial about the "building muscle" ;) I think it's a case of that you cannot and never will be able to "spot reduce" parts of your body.... your body will reduce its fat areas in whatever way your body does it.

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