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Week one nearly over!

Have just finished my first week on slimfast and will weigh in in the morning, am really hoping for a good result!
1st 2 days were torture as i was sooo hungary, although today I haven't been hungary at all and haven't even had my snacks! I normally eat all day so having no proper food till dinner time is very wierd but feels strangely good! Well fingers crossed for tomorrow and heres hopeing i can continue to be "good" for next week x
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Wow! Lost 9lbs! Really really pleased, i hope that gives me staying power for week 2. Can't say i can see a difference yet but i suppose it is a drop in the ocean, still, what a great start! x:D


in my dreams!!!!!!
fabaroozi start hun, :greenapple:it only gets easier as you get used to it and you're stomach shrinks so you won't want as much. don't forget your snacks tho as you're going under the cals and if you do that do often will go in starvation mode:eek:
So I won't loose more by leaving out the snacks?
So I won't loose more by leaving out the snacks?
If you don't have enough calories your body might panic and start holding on to fat... I have all my snacks, sometimes i'll save 1 or 2 of them to add a pudding to my meal,or if i'm going out so I can have a drink x
Ooh good i can eat a bit more! Wow Hannah your doing really well, hope i can loose 2 stone in 9 weeks!:jelous:
Thanks ;) You've got off to a great start,so i'm sure you will! Just make sure you drink lots of water,I drink 3 litres most days,the first week you seem to live in the loo, but it does get better ;)
Well week 2 is now finished and i've stayed the same!!!! I have had a couple of cheats this week and I know I lost lots last week, but still, after having soooo little compared to what I was having I would have liked just a little loss! So, as it's weigh in day I decided to have some treats at the cinema this afternoon with my children as I always treat myself on weigh day but I have just decided to have nothing..........it's just stupid to carry on in the same mind set "I deserve chocolate as I haven't had any for a couple of days". My new treat is going to be seeing a result on the scales next week, other wise whats the point in working so hard? Anyway, I've given myself a good talking to now so that's that and I WILL see the scales go down next week!!!!


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After your huge first week loss your body might be holding onto extra water to compensate. Try keeping a record of your measurements as weeks when you have a sts you are probably still losing inches.

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