Week One Survival Tips


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There's loads of us either back on the wagon or starting for the very first time this week and we know how hard the first week can be.

Post your first week survival tips here, mine are:

Drink fizzy water as I find it easier than drinking still - I feel like I'm drowning drinking still water
Plenty of clothes layers - I'm always cold on VLCD and being cold makes me want to eat
Never be more than 5 mins away from a loo - amazing how quickly the fizzy stuff goes through you
Early nights - if your asleep you can't cave and eat ;)

So come on, what's your survival tips for all these lovely newbies :D
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Having my choc shakes with crushed ice,,around 15..it is like a McD's Milkshake!!!! It is, honestly!

Having fizzy water in the evening, in a nice wine glass so that my hands are busy; although they usually on on this keyboard :)

I am sure there are others, but my brain has just dried up!!


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Mine are as follows;-

Black coffee!!! Pure god send to warm you up!

Plenty of water

Drinking my first shake as late as possible

Keeping busy... Lots of baths and forum posting!


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great thread...hopefully i will beable to add to it in a day or so ;-)

irish molly

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What got me through week one:
Reading this forum every time my resolve weakened.
Water as soon as I got up
One shake in the morning
Lots of coffee/tea during the day and did I mention water!!!
One shake at 5.00p.m
Water fizzy/still/room temp/iced- basically any blinkin' way at all!!
Last shake at 8.30p.m
More water!!!!
Tidying the house top to bottom and then start over again!!!

There is no easy way to get through week one but, boy, once you do it gets sooooo easy from then on.
The buzz from your first weigh in is phenomenal!!!!


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hey guys great tips.. i know ive only been on it for three days now, but my tip is to not have my last one (usually the chicken soup) till about 8 as im a great one( or should i say used to be:) ) for late night snacking!..i have soup and the lots of water and watch a movie then bed..sorted!


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great tips guy's cant really add to it except keep your mind focused will def be worth it in end !

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My suggestions are bit pants but hey ho..
A really good book!!
Looking at gorgeous clothes on the internet that id love to be able to wear.
A good film.
cleaning!! It always gets me thirsty which means more intake of water, hurrah. Plus its good exercise, another bonus!


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Lots of sleep
Lots and lots and lots and lots of water
Keeping busy
Reading books, watching films, playing computer games
Telling everyone who will listen that I am on the diet
Visualising myself in all the new clothes that I will have to buy
Visualising myself in my new bod!
Trying out new make up styles
Trying out new hair styles - or thinking which I would like


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Chocolate shake with a dash of instant coffee all in the blender- very nice ...

Also vanilla with a dash of coffee... mmm.