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Week One .. Well Done Me!

hey emski, welcome back, long time no see....I remember you, you helped me lose weight last year. Is it going alright? I lost 4 stone in the end, but am now preggars so no vlcd

good to see ya back!


I have my mojo
Hi Emski, I'm afraid we haven't come across one another before, but look forward to seeing your posts :D

K xx
Hiya Emski! :wavey:

Not 'met' you before but welcome back honey xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Good girl! Welcome back and good luck.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and welcome back, missed you being around hun, good luck, you can do this xxx


Reached Target. woohoo
Welcome back hun. xxx


A moaning old boot!!!!
Even though im kinda new here and have never 'met' you, Welcome back!!!!! x x x


Gold Member
Thanks guys

not sure if any of you read my little spillage in the diary section a while back but had a few issues, and am still working on them. Am now on the happy pills and yes I do feel happier and calmer about a lot of things, so if anyone is struggling Im not saying just go on them but at least consider talking to your GP about it. I was really in a lot of denial about how I was feeling, but now I am "happy" to admit I suffer from depression. I have still been binge eating but I know that this weekend I will be getting back on plan and I am focused and ready for it.!! Its been a year since I joined here and am a stone lighter then I was then which is great, but need to get rid of the stone I put back on after stopping smoking in Jan.. and then another 1/2-stone after that. So again thank you for the welcomes and welcome backs.. I know I will do it :D


A moaning old boot!!!!
I know I have already said welcome back - but I just wanted to add congratulations for feeling better and happier with yourself. I work in a mental health profession and its sooooooooo good that you went and saw your doctor and are feeling more like yourself again. WELL DONE YOU. Good luck for the future x x x x


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
hey emski nice to seeya again XXXXXX big hugs and good luck


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Well like all best laid plans I was scuppered at the first blooming hurdle.. was supposed to get back on plan last weekend and if hadnt been for family, bank holidays, impromptu picnics on the beach etc etc I would have been.. anyhoo... today is the day hurrah you all cry..

So today..

1 apple
1 banana
2 ryvitas with laughing cow
2 ryvitas with laughing cow
2 boiled eggs
a carrot

2 black coffees

1.5 litres of water!!!!!!! :eek:

1 banana (so used to scoffing when i get home from work)

Awaiting dinner which will be turkey with a plateful of cabbage and a wee bit of gravy.. sounds boring but I love it!!

followed by Muller Light and kiwi fruit :D

only 1 HE so far as I always get a munch on so may have some hovis toast later xx


Gold Member
Friday... Sainsburys... nothing to inspire me... DA mentions TAKEAWAY!!!!! :eek:

Emski drools at thought of chippy on way home... then...

Emski decides to make QUORN SAUSAGE OMLETTE... GET ME :angel09:

Wii Fit now set up... woop woop.. Wii age 38 haha makes me 2 years younger.. DA Wii age 47 hahahahaha makes him 7 years older..

Have Wii Fit.. Sports AND Active coach.. size 12 here I come .... yeeeeehaw!!! :D

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