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Week One WI


maintaining since June'09
WOW! Well done you, bet you feel great :) xx


maintaining since June'09
Hmmmm ..... I still seem to be an all or nothing person I'm afraid.
I'm also afraid that tomorrow will see me gaining for the 3rd week in a row :(
I expect to fluctuate of course but 3 weeks in a row is not right and I'll be taking myself firmly in hand!! xx
Well done jcjazzy - that's a great loss !! I am more or less back on track ! Struggling a bit at times but heading in the right direction ! Jan - I think I am also an all or nothing kind of person - Oh how I wish I was one of those people who could eat everything and be stick thin !! I have friends who eat and drink anything and do NO exercise and still look really fit ! moan.... moan.....


maintaining since June'09
Annoying those people aren't they Laura!

I was lucky and lost 1lb .... don't know how :eek: xx
Well done you :D 5 stone is amazing!!!! :D



maintaining since June'09
Well done, great result!! xx


Silver Member
Hi all, Another 1.5 lbs for me this week.Slow but sure :D ! This makes 5 stones exactly since I began to lose weight in March xx
OMG :eek::eek::eek: 5 stone you must be proud, how did you do it??? you must have the willpower of a horse, i cant seem to get going.

I am also awaiting a delivery which they have now informed informed me will be Monday or Tuesday at the latest, a rush of orders or something. So back to eating for a couple of days, gonna try to be good but stuck in a holiday mode still........:(:(:(


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Hi girls , The majority of my weight was lost using LL,but decided to do DC to complete the process :D.It wasn't easy,but I wouldn't have been able to do it any other way! I've been trying for years and always got "stuck" when I started to look a bit better.We've all been there though!
That is an amazing weight loss - inspirational ! You must look really healthy and so different - Do you get lots of positive comments ??


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Hi Bryal, I do get loads of positive comments,which is great and keeps me on track.I've also had a few people say that I shouldn't lose anymore and "you can't afford to lose anymore in your face"!! I just ignore those ones though-I am still in the overweight range and would like to acheive a normal BMI.Thank you for your support.Hope you and your family are recovering.Not sure how I would have done in the same circumstances xx


Stubborn and doing it
Morning :D

I think the face thing stems from the fact that it is the first place that weight is lost from and perhaps the most noticeable at a glance. Plus, it's probably a shock to some when they start seeing your cheek bones :p

How's it going today?

I seem to be suffering evening temptation and need to find myself something to do to distract myself - or possibly I need to add in more fruit during the day as I'm getting really hungry (proper hunger) come five o'clockish.

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