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Week three mini crisis!!

Hiya everyone!
I'm a newbie on here so please bear with me! I've joined cos I'm currently in my 3rd week on CD and after weight losses of 10.75lbs in week one and 6lbs in week two, my weight loss has completely ground to a halt since last Saturdays weigh-in. I'm on ss and going at it totally 100%. I'm drinking about 3-4 litres of water a day and living on the shakes and soups. Is this lull normal or am I just going to fail at yet another diet in my quest for loveliness?? I'm sticking with it but feeling really down after the joy of the last 2 weeks losses. :sigh:
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week 3's loss does tend to be lower as you've probably flushed out any water you've been retaining but weight loss now is fat!- dont worry & stick with it. average losses are 3.5 lbs a week but sometimes more,sometimes less. If you've been 100% then thats what counts, well done!!


Lovin it !!! :)
well - nearly 17lb in 3 weeks - certainly nothing to be sniffed at - you are doing fantastic - stick with it - may be the heat/water - anything - there is no way that you will fail when following 100 % - I am sure you will be more than rewarded at next weeks weigh in - prob best to look at the bigger picture over a whole month - also take some measurements - I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Try not to worry - scales are not always a true indication.
Bev x
Thanks so much for that! Its probably just me being my old impatient self! I'm so, so desperate to succeed that I've pinned all my hopes on unrealistic weight losses every week and its hard to come to terms with the rollercoaster ride that is weight loss!!! I want it all and I want it now - as the song goes!!! My logical mind tells me that consuming 415 cals a day MUST mean I'll lose but my 'started, messed up, failed, beaten myself up, eaten, gained, beaten myself up, gained, beaten myself up' genes kick in which then makes it a painful experience. I so want it to be different this time so I'm trying to stay calm and patient (not one of my best qualities!!!). Sorry to make my first ever post a miserable moany one but I just had to say SOMETHING to SOMEONE!!! Thanks again! xxx
Hi Wannabelovely (great name!)

I'm in week 3 too and the same has happened to me. I lost 11 1/2lbs in the first 2 weeks. 3rd weight tonight only lost 2lbs :(.

But the scales are going in the right direction! As I've seen on here many times, a loss is a loss. And wow 17lbs in the first 2 weeks in amazing!

Keep it up!:D
Sylv x
You're doing fine!!Our bodies do weird things with retaining water sometimes-and this heat doesn't help.Hang in there-I'm sure you will have lost at weigh in.


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It's week 3 for me too and from what I have read on lots of posts here there can be unexplainable fluctuations some weeks. Keep faith in CD,according to many who have gone before us if you follow the plan diligently what you don't lose this week will work itself out over the next week or so. You are off to a fab start, keep going.
Thanks Sylv!
Its a funny old thing weight loss isnt it? What a life!! You're absolutely right though - if someone had told me 3 weeks ago that I was going to look and feel so much lighter, I'd never have believed it to be possible so I really should pick my face up off the floor and get positive shouldnt I? I'm just so scared that its not going to work for me cos I feel I'm drinking at the last chance saloon of weight loss, having tried just about every other method except a gastric band!!!
You're doing fab too so keep up the great work - hope to be able to keep up with your progress through these pages! xxx
Thanks everyone,
Now you're all making me cry - I didnt feel anyone would care enough to reply to my thread and now I'm all emotional - must be the ketosis!!! I'm going to love it on here - I can tell! Fingers crossed for Saturday eh? xxx Ps - some fantastic weight losses on here! I'm in awe!!
Aww dont lose hope and give in, it will start again, just think of the great loss so far.
Thanks Witchy!
I'm still feeling strong on it - just frustrated! Patience is a virtue eh? I'll probably be posting on here in a few days saying I've lost a shedload of weight and apologising for being a prat!!! xxx


wannabe yummy mummy
Thanks Witchy!
I'm still feeling strong on it - just frustrated! Patience is a virtue eh? I'll probably be posting on here in a few days saying I've lost a shedload of weight and apologising for being a prat!!! xxx
Stick to it 100% and you will be - but no need to apologise :D
Hi Wannabeelovely, Waht other diets have you tried and why do they not work for you? Whe n I diet it eventually stops working and I don't lose and after a few months of trying unsuccessfully i break it. Apparently that can't happen on CD so I think we will keep losing right up to the end. You should come on our thread, Butterflies (Beauty Emerging from Fat) as girls on there have all been on CD roughly same time as you and all all committed to diet and each other. x
Hi Broxi! I've been on most of them really. Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, Natural Way, Slimfast, Reductil tablets, Dietician-based low cal diets and so on. I've never tried CD before or any of the VLCD's. I'm always great at diets ONCE! Whenever, I go back to them, I'm rubbish and can't seem to recapture the moment. I struggle and struggle, my self-esteem gets lower and lower and then I cheat, gain and leave! Its a really vicious circle that I'm sure you've all endured in just the same way. I'd love to come and join you on your Butterflies thread cos I need all the help I can get (I love trying to support others too!) but I'm not sure how to find it! I'm a Minimims moron at the moment!!! If you could let me know when you've got a sec, that'd be great!! xxx Ps - thanks Fatfighter - much appreciated! xxx
Thanks for that Contrarytintagel! I've found it now!! : )

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