weekend break

Derek c

Hi everyone
looking for some advice
Been on the cambridge sole source diet for 4 weeks now, with no real problems.
However i will be going to my works Xmas dance in london at the beginning of December where i will be drinking and eating normally.
What is the best way to do this
Stay on the diet right up to the last meal possible or come off a couple of days early to get some food etc in my system before the weekend.
Obviously i will be definately returning to the diet after this weekend.
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Big H

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My advice would be don't eat and drink! Getting back on SS will very hard. That's just my opinion because I am an all or nothing person. This by no means medically proven advice, but I would suggest that you do the 810 plan for a few days before your night out, so that your stomach is at least used to food and this should ensure that you don't have any sudden gut issues whilst you are out.


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i agree with moving up the plans before you go. maybe a day of 810, then a day or two of 1000 before the weekend. it will slow your loss a little but will help to limit the water retention you'll get. also. after the weekend you will appear to have put on immense amounts of weight. but if you are back on plan straight away you should lose it the following week. the hard part is getting straight back on plan. personally, if i was in the groove, i wouldn't leave it. i messed around for a month trying to get back on plan after my hols..

abz xx


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My advice is also, don't eat or drink, and if you really want to eat make sure you eat things without carbs or with very little carbs so it';s easier to get back to SS.

If you really want to drink (alcohol) I suggest you move up to 1000, get out of ketosis, so you can drink. Alchol while in ketosis is dangerous!!

So.. ummm.. my suggestion, 1 week or 3 days of 810 then 1 week or 3/4 days of 1000 and make sure you're out of ketosis before you drink alcohol..

But then again, all of this is just advice :)

Good luck! And well done sticking to the diet so far ;-)

xx Lostris


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I recently had a weekend off for a wedding, So I did 810 on the thursday, and then went for it friday to sunday, and got back on plan on the monday.

The weight that I put on I knocked out the following week, and I did loose two weeks worth of loss, but I am glad I did it.