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Weekend Eating :(

Anyone else find they can diet quite well during the week but at the weekend the whole thing just goes to hell? It happens to me every week and I really really want to get past this problem.
I'm not on any specific diet, I just seem to go beserk at the weekend.
What's wrong with me?:wave_cry:
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This is for ME!
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Dunno if this would help, but i can get away with some naughty stuff at the weekend if I plan for it. Cutting back on stuff during the week so I have a wee drink or even a meal out(hopefully soon!!) Do you have a calorie limit that you have each day?
i would probably go mad too if i was'nt in work over the weekend, my day off is wed so its easy to stick to it. well it is when the stick thin, underweight OH aint beggin for a chippy tea! (git, just cos he is 5'10 and 9 stone dont mean i can eat junk all day long with him)
Do you have a calorie limit that you have each day?
I used to work like that but I found that it meant I overate like mad when I knew I'd gone over. Also I'm really trying to go with a holistic appraoch to the diet this time, you know, exercise a lot, drink loads of water, not smoke etc. so I can feel healthy. Maybe you're right though and on the weekends I should actively count calories.
Mentally I know I think of weekends as a happy haven so I guess food has something to do with that.
Thanks for the advice!
Weekends kick me in the butt as well.

Just general lack of nutrition. It is really bad if I drink, because I get the calories from my drinking plus, when I am hungover I eat like a madman.

I have found it is helpful if you let the people you hang out with on weekend know about your goals.

I also take the odd weekend off from partying :)
The weekends get me too. For me its the lack of structure and the nothingness. All week I work 10-5:30, I'm occupied, I have stuff to do, I eat well... then the weekend comes and BAM.

There's nothing wrong with you, weekends are hard for a lot of people.

If weekends are a weak point consider taking them off.... without going beserk. Say "hey it's Saturday. I can have that xxx as a treat". It won't kill you.

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I try to plan for weekends, but if I end up eating junk (which is common, because I'm a teenager and stay over friends a lot, and you know what us kids are like ;)) I don't beat myself up about it. If you eat well the rest of the week, going off track a little at the weekend isn't gonna have dramatic effects. And if it does, you can always make up for it come Monday. :)
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because i dont work on weekend it has always been a time for junk food (probably something to do with the weight i am now!!)
Chocolate, chinese, you name it i ate it.

now i have started ww the weekend will be my biggest challenge.

i think i will just spend my entire weekend on here so that i am not tempted to go in fridge.

*sigh* its a tough life lol :cry::cry:



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weekends get me too. I think its cos of the boredom - i tend to lounge around watching 'come dine with me' back to back on sundays and that makes me hungry - lol.

I think the best advice is to keep busy and not give in to boredom - cos thats what gets us running to the fridge.


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I think it's good to knwo what triggers over eating, such as snacking when watching TV so you could do something other than watch the box, or do something with your hands while watching the TV. This would take your mind off food.


Make a plan, deep breath
Also,& sorry if somebody has already said this I only skimmed the other replies:rolleyes:, but if you set your WI day for Sunday or Monday morning I find that you stay much more motivated & focused over the w/end!
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Yes thats me! I made a post about this too. I think its because my hubby is home and a huge part of our routine is to eat out. I always love to eat the same stodgy pasta or pie type meals that he orders and yes, he is stick thin too. Did we choose this life??? The only way I can get a fix on myself is if I just don't eat out (or not as much) and plan meals at home. It is a never-ending struggle. I just hope someday I can reach that point where I don't ever care what day it is as my diet (and emotional attitude toward food) is healthy and consistent!

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