Weekend Woes!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Timeforchangenow!, 23 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Good afternoon!!

    How is everyone's weekend going?!

    Last night I had a takeaway and two Martini's but still included all in my points but still feeling like I'm gonna be up this Tuesday.
    Sundays are always a trying day for me, usually around 5pm I "shut down" for the evening and the want to eat "bold food" is high!!

    any suggestions or help x
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  3. bugsbunny2000

    bugsbunny2000 Proud to be a LOSER :)

    Last weekend I managed to destroy my 26pp daily AND weeklies in one day! But I upped my exercise a lot that week too so scales weren't great.... However the weeklies are there to be used! It's a choice... I think you need to do what works! If you want to lose every week, you may need to be a bit stricter... If you want to have more of a life... Then continue having a few "cheat days" but don't kick yourself too much about it :) or start stocking up on low pp snacks instead!

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  4. You are so right Bugs, if i wanna keep losing i gotta be stricter. Tomorrow is a new day, gotta wake up more positive tomorrow, ate a bag of haribo and some crisps this evening :(
  5. bugsbunny2000

    bugsbunny2000 Proud to be a LOSER :)

    Ah well that's this evening... Tomorrow is a new day :) as I keep needing to tell myself, it's a marathon not a sprint! So if you want to lose it quickly then you need to be stricter. If you just want to lose it then give yourself a break every now and then! For your sanity at least :) though I don't always live by my rules n kick myself when I go over my dailies! Gettin better though x

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