Addicted to Minimins!
Morning girls, well its bloody freezing here in Norwich this morning :gen125:! Whats everyone up to this weekend? Anything exciting?
I've got the mother-in-law coming up from Wales to stay for a few days tomorrow (mainly to see her new Grandson) & my hubby is back to work Monday so i'm gonna be pretty much left on my own with her - which could prove interesting! :hmm:
Aside from that i have a rock & roll weekend planned of nappies & baby sick! YAY ME! :argh: :8855:
How're you all coping with sticking to the diet at weekends? The MIL is planning on buying us a takeaway while she's here - so i'm gonna have to be very careful what i have, but having a new baby at home means we're not going out much right now anyway so its (hopefully) gonna be easier to stick to.
Anyway, hope you all have a fab weekend. *hugs*
Aw I hope you have a good weekend, especially with the MIL visiting. Im really lucky, my MIL2b is lovely, but i haven't married her son yet lol.

I think we are having a quiet weekend, I think my cousin and his girlfriend are coming to visit but apart from that we are staying in, pretty much skint after christmas :(
pretty much skint after christmas :(

Tell me about it! I think everyone is. Only 5 days to go till payday though (for us anyway) woohoo!! lol
Im jealous, iv got till the end of the month, oh and a christening to go to before then too lol
Oh poor you hun. I can completely sympathise as we're completely skint already - i don't think we'd cope if we had to wait until the end of the month.
Me too! Might help if i played it every so often though! lol
I had a late xmas day today with the other haves family as we were all ill and wanted to celebrate together... so food etc was everywhere :eek:( Don't think I done too bad but I haven't had any slimfast all day... EEEkkk