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Weekly treat?



Addicted to Minimins!
Hey hun, i've only just re-started but when i did slimfast before (and lost a lot of weight) i did tend to have a weekly treat whether it was a few pints down the pub or a small portion of fish & chips and the weight still came off at a relatively good rate. However i think 'cheating' effects different people in different ways - some people can't deviate at all without it effecting their loss.
I think its a case of give it a go and see what happens - just be sensible and remember that just because you've chosen to have one treat doesn't mean you've ruined your diet for the week.
I was actually going to post this very question myself!

I'm going to a wedding reception tomorrow evening and i'm not sure of the best way to deal with eating.

Should I have my basic meals (bar for breakfast and shake for lunch) then take the healthiest options possible at the buffet?


Addicted to Minimins!
Should I have my basic meals (bar for breakfast and shake for lunch) then take the healthiest options possible at the buffet?
Definately have your shakes/bars as normal during the day. I think a lot of people make the mistake of not having anything during the day if they know they're going to cheat in the evening, so when the evening comes they're absolutely starving and scoff everything going!
Have your shakes & in the evening if you feel you can take a healthy option and stick to it without feeling deprived then go for it, but if you're going to sit there feeling miserable while everyone else is eating and having fun then please let yourself have a bit of leeway & enjoy what they're having but be sensible about it & then the next day draw a line and start a fresh - it shouldn't effect your weight loss that much.
Thanks Rayven :) I think i'll set saturdays as treat day, Just one meal, will keep an eye on things and make sure it doesn't mess things up! I think i'll be able to cope well if I know i've got that to look forward to :)

Day 3 today and feeling good, more energy already :D

Hope you have a good night tomorrow Samantha :)

Thanks Rayven! I'm not gonna get desperately hungry - if i do then I know that I will eat everything going. If i can stick to healthy options then i will, but if i'm feeling that i can't then i won't force myself, but will NOT go overboard.

Hannah, I am on day 5 today and feeling really good. I've only had 2 minor wobbles but other than that have stuck to the plan really well. How are you finding it?
I've had no wobbles yet, but I am REALLY hungry tonight :( I think it's because tea wasn't as filling as what i've had the other nights, i'll learn from it and not have that again! Having yet another cup of green tea to hopefully stop me munching!
I'm ashamed to say that I've had ready meals every night since I started

BUT they have been Tesco Healthy Living ones - lots of veg and stuff too, and i have eaten more fruit and veg than usual........
Im really missing chips, so im gonna have oven chips with a low fat curry tonite as my treat :D lol its really sad that i'm excited over eating ships


Addicted to Minimins!
Im really missing chips, so im gonna have oven chips with a low fat curry tonite as my treat :D lol its really sad that i'm excited over eating ships
Bless ya hun. If you're really missing something though you should have it and make sure you enjoy it without feeling guilty.
I've been having Tesco healthy living ready meals and veg too, but last night I had a weight watchers mushroom thing with rice (can't remember what it was! lol) and instead of a big pile of veg I had a stir fry with it, looked like loads, but I was hungry again an hour after eating it! Sticking to piles of veg from now on!
I'm the same, I thought for the first few days to get me into it I would have ready meals and loads veg, Sainsbury's have a selection of birds eye frozen meals on offer for 99p, they are all about 200/300 calories and the chilli OMG is fab. Had it the last 2 nights - very adventurous eh.

Hey Rayven

I do crave a naughty treat so if I keep tellin g myself no, eventually I get bored and stop trying, so I find its best to occassionaly treat myself!

However I have found I think, oh well I'm having a chinky for dinner, and I'll not be so good in the day. And if I do it too often I get out of the habit and feel I've cheated too much and stop doing Slimfast properly.

I like sticking to the routine of it to know I'm doing it how I.. should be. When I cheat I think I'm wasting my time and lying to myelf if I do it too often.
I didn't go to the wedding reception this evening, so had a bit of my brother in laws chinese takeaway. I stuck to boiled rice and veg, so hopefully not done too much damage!
Oh well done! If I'm getting chinese I'd be gutted only havin veg and rice lol!! I have to go all out at the chinky!
I think a treat a week is fine... just as long as your don't go way overboard! There is no point in making yourself miserable, if you want a chinese, have one, but make sure nothing is batter, and boiled rice, no starters etc - then maybe just do a quick 25 minute walk the next morning, will make you feel better about yourself!

I'm quite lucky cause I was never one for snacking, I would just eat rubbish at meal times and hence the weight gain. So it's actually quite difficult for me to eat my snack bar in the afternoons lol! And I never have cravings after my meal :)
ur lucky! If I open my desk drawer at work and see a snack I think about it on and on til Ive eaten it lol! I leave them out of sight now!! lol
Ive not been really rigid with my food ...so Im sure its all going to explode in my face. Not sure it will work spliting the meal but it means I dont actually as yet feel like Im doing a diet. I guess its only day 4....still time to feel bad.

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