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Weekly weight loss target

Heya all,

Sorry just a little rant. :S

My consultant insists on people setting a weight loss target for the following week. I said no last week, which I was allowed to do because it was only my second meeting but she was quite forceful in her insistance that I will set weekly targets in the future. I don't want to do that though, I have an obsessive personality and if I start setting weekly targets then this whole thing will stop being a sustainable lifestyle change and become an unhealthy weight loss obsession where I start yoyoing between starving myself and binging before quitting altogether.

My consultant thinks because it works for some people it will work for everyone but she doesn't know me or have any clue about how my mind is wired and if she keeps it up,. I know I'm going to end up leaving the group.

I don't want to leave because I like the SW plan and going to the meetings because it's completely changing the way I live. I'm eating vegetables that I've never liked by finding ways of making them palletable just because they're superfree. I've stopped drinking full fat fizzy pop and I don't eat anywhere near as much chocolate all all because of syns. When I go to my fave chinese takeaway I get one of the lower syn options with steam boiled rice instead of my normal sweet and sour chicken balls with fried rice! I get my five a day easily every day... I used to get maybe 5 a week at a push!

I don't want to lose all of that because of a pushy consultant who means well but doesn't get that not everyone can fit the mould. This consultant runs all of the local SW groups and I don't want to switch to another plan.

/End of rant

Anyway, thanks for reading. Any ideas?
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Hi hun
Not sure how much help I can be as I don't attend a group...
Is there any way you could have a quiet word with your C before class next week and mention your reasons to her? I'm sure if you explain then she wouldn't have a problem with you not setting the targets?
Otherwise how about looking to see if there's a different class you could attend in your area?
Good luck x
I agree with you Batair. Some people thrive on goals and some people (like me) don't as it is just setting oneself up for disappointment if you don't achieve the goals within a given time.

SW is a plan for life...it is not a race. I also don't think ladies should focus so much on weekly weight loss. Thinking of your losses in the context of a whole month, with allow for fluctuations due to your lady week etc.

Stick to your guns and good luck!
Thanks guys,

I'll try and speak to her at the beginning of next week's session. Don't really want to turn around in group when she says I have to set a target and say 'no I don't, you can't make me' coz that might be a little childish! :s
My C was a bit like that but soon stopped asking me, as every week I said as long as I have maintained and not gained I would be happy. She of course would push me for more so I would say OK 1lb she would then say can't you do more than that which I replied, anywhere between 1/2 lb and 2lb is a sensible weekly weight lose. Not much she could say to that...
its because the new system they have, on thier little pda thing- asks them to as you for a weekly target.

have a word with your C and just say you would rather she doesnt ask you anymore. Tell her you really enjoy the rest of the class but that bit makes you uncomfortable and just isnt for you.. if she doesnt get it. You find a new class and inform head office, she may just need someone to come and check on her and give her some pointers- but i see no reason why she wouldnt understand xxxx
If you make it clear to her that you don't want to do it, and that you will leave if she continues to insist, she will stop doing it. She cannot afford to lose a paying customer!

It would be even more effective if there were some other people who didn't like it either, and were prepared to say so.

I have never set a weekly target and I am certainly not going to start now!
Can't you just set a nominal 1lb?

That's what everyone in my group seems to do, I hate the goal setting idea, having an idea in my head I want to loose 4lbs won't make it happen any faster!
I think that would annoy me. I just don't see the point of it, all that does is make you feel crap if you don't meet your goal. Stick to your guns, she can't MAKE you agree a weekly loss.
I'm surprised that they're doing this, I would think that setting weekly targets would be counterproductive. Having something to aim for longer term is great, and it helps in the medium term too - like a monthly challenge, but a week is much too short. One bad day, a star week, anything could put you off track slightly, and cause you to think 'oh, I'm not going to hit my target now, so sod it, that cake looks nice' or whatever.

Stick to your guns, and explain to her why you don't want to do it, I'm sure others in the group must feel the same way! Good luck!
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Glad to see it's not just me that doesn't like them. There are a couple of others in the group who initially says no but she manages to push some of them into setting a weekly target.
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Glad to see it's not just me that doesn't like them. There are a couple of others in the group who initially says no but she manages to push some of them into setting a weekly target.
Maybe you all ought to sit together and say no in a chorus!!

Seriously, have a word. If she really thinks you are going to leave over this, I am sure it will make a difference.


Mens sana in corpore sano
I agree...if setting weekly targets is not for you, she can't make you or make you feel uncomfortable for not doing so. My consultant doesn't ask for targets, although he used to. I think a lot of people don't like the idea - all losses should be celebrated. And as many have said, weekly targets leave no room for manoeuvre when 'real life' happens. Good luck!
Maybe you all ought to sit together and say no in a chorus!!
Lol. If I knew them better, or was better at talking to strangers I might try this. :)
I spoke to a consultant friend about this today. She says that they are supposed to ask, as part of the image therapy process, but they should not insist.

And they should not do anything which makes any member feel uncomfortable.
I do Body Optimise so don't go to class. It's bad enough for me having to set an end target, let alone a weekly one! For me it would be totally counter productive.

I wonder if she's taken the instructions from SW a bit too literally, rather than using her discretion.

The idea is not to produce obsessives with borderline eating disorders, so perhaps a quiet word would stop her pressuring you.
My C asks whether we want to set a target. Usually I say "no target, as long as it's downwards". I honestly don't care what I lose each week - as long as it's going in the right direction.

Because I've been away this weekend, staying in a hotel and having a drink for the first time since I've been on plan (just finished my first CD course), then I said that I wasn't setting a target, I was just planning to enjoy the weekend but stay on plan the rest of the week - and she accepted this.

Now it's come to WI in the morning, and I'm thinking that as long as I haven't gained more than 2 lbs, then I'll be happy. I was quite considerably naughtier than I planned to be (although I did get more *ahem* exercise than I had thought was going to happen), but it was so worth it!
My consultant is lovely and not pushy, Most of the members though do set a target with me doing so aswell. However last week there was a lady who had lost 1 1/2 pound and she had set a target of 2lb and ended up in tears because she felt she had failed. The consultant had told her that it was a great loss and she should not be so upset as she had done so well but it shows that putting too much pressure on can really affect people should they not meet that target. We pay to go to class and as the saying goes customer is always right, if we dont want to set a target we should not have to, I certainly would never do so if i did not want to, We are the paying customer so we should be able to say NO. To be this is a plan for life and i will go at my own pace.

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