weekly weight losses


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I thought it would be interesting and encouraging to see how much people have lost each week on their VLCD so it gives some idea of what to expect.

My losses so far are

week one - 8 pounds
week two - 6 pounds
Week three - 3 pounds
week four - 2 pounds (add a meal week)
week five - 2 pounds (not happy about slow loss)
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1st week of my restart and I've lost 5.75lbs!.. just a 1/4lbs and it could have been 6:)

Week 1: 5.75lbs
Hiya Well here goes...

My losses so far are-
Week 1 = 4Lb Week 2 = 7Lb Week 3 = 4lb Week 4 = 0 lb Week 5 = 2lb
:D Mine shows in my signature but anyway.. I need to polish my halo for this week so here goes..

Week 1: -5.75lbs
Week 2: -5.25lbs
Total so far: 11lbs!!!.. woo hoo :)
Here are my losses.

Restarted on 2 July

Week 1 lost 12 pounds
Week 2 lost 6 pounds
Week 3 lost 4 pounds
Week 4 lost 4 pounds
Week 5 on holiday (did AAM)
Week 6 lost 6 pounds

Total lost 2 stone 4 pounds
1 stone 10pounds to go

It has taken me nearly a year to get my head back in this place after numerous attempts at restarting. All I can see is don't give up trying, you will get there.

Week 1- 11lbs
Week 2- 6 lbs
Week 3 - 5 lbs

I have 2 stone to have a healthy BMI, but would like to really lose about 4 stone. Seems so far off sometimes!