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Ooppss, I've been in one of those "can't be arsed!" moods today (headache, due to lack of sleep, due to aching legs, STILL!:mad:) and when I'm like that, I munch on my fave thing - Weetabix! I've not munched on them as much as usual, but enough, if that makes sense? So I'm having a green day, so that I can have two lots of HEX's. Hopefully, this is okay and I've not ballsed up what was looking like a good week!

Does anyone else get days like that?
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Fighting the bulge
Hi Claire,

Mines not weetabix but im having one of those days today. Ive been 100% all week only your weetabit fix is fine! Your within HEXs

Mine is savoury food ie sandwiches!! Im on a red day so that i can have 2 lots of hex the only trouble is that i had sausages in my 1st one (discovered are 4 syns each and i had 4.5 of them!!!!!!!!)

As long as you stay within HEX and SYNS its fine xx


Fighting the bulge
Yea youl be fine for WI!!!

The hex was my bread (2 slices of wholemeal from a 400g loaf)

The sausages are all syns!!! So instead of having 15 syns like im suppose to i ended up having 18!! Not too drastic,

theres no point in worry about it now, just have to make sure i go back to 100% until weigh in tomo! xx


is working hard.....
I think a little of what you fancy does you good (channeling my dear old Nana there!). And be it weetabix, sandwiches, or in my case puffed wheat (psychologically it helps to have such a large bowl!!), there are considerably worse things to indulge in ;).

Hope you feel more comfortable soon CB, and that you can get some rest. Pesty - I'm sure like CB says you will have balanced out your syns - good luck with the WI!

Take care all :) xx


Long Term Target Setter
Having not had Weetabix since I was 15 before I started SW, I am really loving it every morning now. I know what you mean though it is nice easy and quick to do!!

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
I love wheetabix!! :D

I quite often munch on 4 in a day! I'll have 2 for breakfast then 2 when I come home from work before dinner. Yum Yum


is working hard.....
Another fellow cereal muncher then? And my nan says that too! She also doesn't believe in diets, hence why I'm probably the size I am/was! Ha ha!
Lol - mine too :D (But my Nana was tiny - always fed everyone else though and put herself last, although the Camp coffee with evaporated milk was hers and hers alone!!)

Cereal is the best - just love it! xx :)

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