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Weevil's weight loss

Hi all,

I'm Evie, I did LipoTrim Oct 07-Jan 08 and went from 13st 12lb to 9st 6lb. Looked and felt fantastic (apart from saggy bits but treated myself to decent bras!) - went from a size 18/20 to an 8/10.

The weight has slowly crept back on in the last 3 years, I was managing to hold it around 11-11.5st size 12/14 with a couple of short bursts of LT but in the last couple of months I lost all control of my cake inhibitor and have gone up to 12st12.

I still have a couple of weeks' worth of LT packs kicking around but I've bought a bumper mixed pack of exante to give me a bit more variety - very pleased with the price too.

I've had enough goes at this to know how I react in the first week of TFR if I try to go cold turkey, so I've just completed a week of low carb with the occasional soup/shake which has got me into ketosis and past the headaches without giving up, hurrah! I work a mixture of 15 hour night shifts and day shifts without a pattern so I'm permanently jet lagged, routine is difficult and I've learnt that I have to take it easy on myself around work.

I am now doing a fortnight of mixed shakes/soups/bars with the occasional low carb meal when I feel the need, aiming to keep below 800kcal/day, and will then move onto exante TS.

I've only tried the bars so far but they are both lovely! Will have a go at the soups and shakes over the next week.

Hope everyone else is coping OK - good luck!
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Summary of my veeeeery gentle introduction to this so far!

ham, cheese & coleslaw sarnie on brown sub roll MUST NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT EATING
sausage roll (emergency on-the-road food, was yucky)
beef daal thingy
portion of smoothie
tesco ultra slim

tesco ultra slim bar
3 small apples
portion of smoothie
tall coffee light frappuccino
half pack cherry toms
6 chicken drumsticks, no skin

ultra slim bar
handful of soya beans
atkins bar
2 slices burgen bread, 4 poached eggs
[sleep 10am-2pm]
ultra slim bar
2 oranges
ultra slim bar
2 slices burgen bread, tin of tuna, few slices of cheese

2 ultra slim bars
5 slices of beef in 1 slice burgen bread

ultra slim bar
coffee light frap
ultra slim bar
20 mcnuggets

1 thick slice roast chicken, 1 spoon coleslaw
1 ultra slim bar
2 slices burgen bread, cheese and a chicken breast

LT chicken soup for breakfast
4 dates, 40g of goji berry/cherry/apricot mixture
1 slice burgen bread, 120g beef
chicken breast, chorizo, bacon, cheese, MASSIVE salad
and half a bottle of red wine - OOPS (housemate's birthday)
and a small portion of plum pudding - OOPS (housemate's birthday)

LT chicken soup
Exante toffee & raisin bar
LT chicken soup
ultra slim bar

boots soy chicken and edamame bean noodle pot (fab find - 115kcal, 13g protein, 12g carbs)
extante chocolate orange bar
1 slice burgen bread, 2 eggs
Set myself some rewards - by doing exante instead of LT I will be saving approx £15 per week so I'm going to put the money aside for some nice treats.

< 12 stone - reflexology
< 11 stone - 2hr massage
< 10 stone - Heather Peace gig
< 9.5 stone - short hair
< 9 stone - holiday
< 8.5 stone - some really nice funky new clothes from a shop that isn't matalan or primark!


addicted to minimins
Wow, look at you planning all of this out. :) Excellent!

I'm not familiar with the diet you are on but it looks like you are doing a splendid job! :welcome2:

Minimins is awesome, bop around the forum and see what others have to say about lipotrim and exante. See you around! :wavey:
Just thought I'd check in. Still taking it very steady and low carbing alongside LT/Exante. My food diary is linked in my signature if anyone wants to be nosy.

Not lost much this week but TOTM has just arrived which will explain that one. Wanted CAKE CAKE AND MORE CAKE DAMMIT earlier, but again that's been explained, and I managed with just an atkins choc/hazelnut bar which to be honest wasn't all that nice. I tried an exante chocolate shake made in to a 'muffin' earlier in the week, that was a pleasant surprise.

My fat jeans are already feeling much looser :) and my skin is clearing up nicely after the initial yucky breakout.

Now that the diet is a bit more established and I've discovered bouillon I'm finding night shifts easier to deal with. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have dropped the water weight plus a bit of fat as I have a date on Sunday, eek!

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