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Wegle's Wonderful Weightloss Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Wegle, 30 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    I thought this time round the SW merry ground I might try keeping a diary to see if it helps keep me focused, not just for losing weight but also for keeping it off!

    This is my 3rd time doing SW. I first joined in 2011 and lost 3 stone. Then I gained a bit back so rejoined in April 2012. Only lasted a few months at group as money was tight but managed to stay on track and managed to lose all the weight and a little more in time for my wedding in July 2013.

    Since the wedding I have been like a food eating machine! I think all that time of stressing about being able to get into the dress etc. had just worn me down so much that once it was over I just went nuts. I gained back 2st 6.5lbs and am now determined to get it all back off before our first anniversary when we go to the British Grand Prix. We're also aiming to start trying for a baby around that time so I want to be as fit and healthy as I can be.

    I've got my best friend and bridesmaid joining me at group this time round which is great, we can really spur each other on. We're also going to start doing Kettlercise classes together from next week.

    My join date at group was 8th January and my weight losses so far have been:

    Week 1: -3.5lb
    Week 2: -2.0lb
    Week 3: -0.5lb

    I was a bit gutted with the latest weigh in but I think it's the build up to * week so I'm not too worried.

    I'm a veggie so I do green days. The thing I'm most missing at the moment is cakes and bread!! I love to bake and I've missed all the delicious cakey and bready treats I used to make. I have found a couple if SW baking recipes though so I'm going to give them a go soon.

    So that's the background into Diary entry number 1:

    Today has been a good but freezing day!!! Spent most of the day out on site trying to resolve ongoing issues with drainage. I was so cold and had left my hat and gloves at home!

    Was glad to get back to the office for a nice hot cup if black coffee and my lunch if leftover Spanish omlette and a banana. Managed to avoid and resist the biscuit tin which is always a good thing!

    Dinner tonight is some left over Philadelphia pasta from last night that I couldn't finish. Husband is on nights so it's gonna just be me and the doggy curled up under the blanket tonight watching a girly film. And in that note I better go wake the husband up or he'll be late for work!!!
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  3. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Well I've not been very good so far at keeping my diary updated! Doh! Must try harder!

    Anyway, today is weigh in... I think I've had a pretty good week. Been completely on plan, had a few more syns than I normally do but all still within the allowable limit. We went to Las Iguanas on Sunday night for a friends birthday and I had Halloumi salad with a side portion of coriander rice. It was lovely! I avoided the 2 for 1 cocktails by making myself the designated driver, so dodged a bullet there!

    Last night my friend and I decided to jump on the exercise bandwagon and we signed ourselves up for a Kettlercise class and straight after it a BodyFit class. Wow! I was aching so much through both of them. Today I feel like an old lady and am sore all over! It was really enjoyable though and we're going back again on Monday to do kettlercise again. I think we're going to give the double classes a miss for a while until our fitness has improved!!

    So I'm not sure really how weigh in will go tonight. It's been star week and I did a lot of muscle breaking exercise last night so I could be holding onto some water at the moment. So I'm going to prepare myself for maybe a small gain but still keep the fingers crossed for a loss!
  4. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Good news!!! Had my weigh in last night and I lost 3lbs!!!! So chuffed with this. It means I got my half stone award and I'm well on my way to my first stone.

    I treated myself this morning with a gingerbread latte as a reward, 7 syns but oh so worth it!

    Today has been a little bit tough as it is one of my work colleague's birthday and she has brought in lots of yummy cakes but I've managed to resist them and have just finished my lunch so should be able to keep away for the rest of the day.

    My body is aching like you wouldn't believe today from Tuesday's kettlercise and bodyfit. So I look a bit silly having to waddle around and ease into my chair but at least I know it means I worked hard and it will be worth it in the end.

    Plan for this evening is to take the dog out for a walk then curl up on the sofa and chill out. I'll probably make the cheese & onion potato pie that was in the new SW magazine for tea. Hubby will be out at his friends house so I can watch some good old trashy tv!
  5. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Hello lovely diary.

    Well another weekend out the way and I've managed to stick to plan and even get in a little bit of exercise!

    Managed to make it to the beach yesterday when the weather broke for a couple of hours. Had a great time with the dog and my friend running around and then went and got a coffee to help us warm up. The whole promenade has been trashed though by the recent storms, it's going to be a big clean up operation.

    Spent most of the rest of the weekend huddled up under a blanky on the sofa staying out of the wind and rain. My new favourite treat is hot choc with some marshmallows, so that's been keeping me nice and toastie.

    Was naughty this morning and weighed myself and I haven't had any change yet! Grr! Oh well, kettlebells tonight so maybe that will shift a pound or two!
  6. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    I thought it might be a good idea to start posting up my food each day. 1) to try and keep me accountable to this diary so that I come back regularly and 2) so that others can see, comment on or take inspiration from!

    So I'm going to start with listing this last week since weigh in:


    Breakfast - Black coffee (I know I should eat breakfast but I just never have and probably never will)
    Snack - Tangerine
    Lunch - Sandwich: 2 slices hovis wholemeal nimble (HEB), tomato, cucumber, quorn chicken slices. Banana.
    Snack - Nothing
    Dinner - Pasta with sweetcorn, quorn bacon (3 syns), 75g Philly light (HEB) and 40g reduced fat cheddar (HEA) grated on top.
    Evening snack - Nothing
    Drinks throughout the day - Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns - 3


    Breakfast - Tassimo latte (4.5 syns), 1 tbsp gingerbread syrup (2 syns)
    Snack - Tangerine
    Lunch - Sandwich: 2 slices hovis wholemeal nimble (HEB), tomato, cucumber, quorn chicken slices. Banana.
    Snack - Nothing
    Dinner - Cheese & Potato pie from new magazine: Potatoes, FF cottage cheese, eggs, leeks, carrots, onion, courgette, 40g reduced fat cheddar (HEA)
    Evening Snack - Space Raiders (3 syns)
    Drinks throughout the day - Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns - 10


    Breakfast - Black coffee
    Snack - Tangerine & Mini Cupcake (5 syns)
    Lunch - Leftover Cheese & Potato Pie: Potatoes, FF cottage cheese, eggs, leeks, carrots, onion, courgette, 40g reduced fat cheddar (HEA)
    Snack - Nothing
    Dinner - Leftover Cheese & Potato pie from new magazine: Potatoes, FF cottage cheese, eggs, leeks, carrots, onion, courgette, 40g reduced fat cheddar (HEB)
    Evening Snack - Mango chunks with fat free greek yoghurt. Options hot choc (2 syns) with marshmallows (3 syns) and dash of milk (1 syn)
    Drinks throughout the day - Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns - 11


    Breakfast - Tassimo cappuccino (2.5 syns)
    Snack - Tangerine
    Lunch - Cheese & Tomato Toasties: 2 Warburtons wholemeal buns (2 x HEB), 40g reduced fat cheddar (HEA), tomato
    Snack - Mango chunks with fat free greek yoghurt
    Dinner - Leftover Cheese & Potato pie from new magazine: Potatoes, FF cottage cheese, eggs, leeks, carrots, onion, courgette, 40g reduced fat cheddar (HEA)
    Evening Snack - Options hot choc (2 syns) with marshmallows (4 syns) and dash of milk (1 syn). More marshmallows as I'm a piggy (4 syns)
    Drinks throughout the day - Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns - 13.5


    Breakfast - Black coffee
    Snack - Nothing
    Lunch - Black coffee (I was out at the beach with my friend so wasn't really hungry and knew I would be having a big early dinner when I got home)
    Snack - Nothing
    Dinner - Sunday Roast: Quorn Family Roast, Potatoes, Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, 65g Kerry Low Low (HEB, used to make a sauce)
    Evening Snack -Banana. Options hot choc (2 syns) with marshmallows (5.5 syns) and dash of milk (1 syn).
    Drinks throughout the day - Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns - 8.5

    I've got 2 more days before my weigh in so hopefully if I stay on track there should be a loss this week!
  7. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Hello little diary!

    Sorry I missed a day but I was at college and it is such a brain melting day that when I got home all I wanted to do was relax. Alas though I could not. All this wind has damaged our garden shed and all the roof felting has come off and the chip board is soaked through! The garden is also trashed with loads of fallen twigs and just a general mess. So I spent a good hour cleaning it up and I've passed the job of sorting the shed out over to the Husband, I think that's more of a blue job to sort out!

    I did my kettlercise class on Monday night which was brilliant. It was a different instructor to the last one I had and he definitely pushed a bit harder. I stuck with him though and pretty much completed every exercise. I've not been too sore either yesterday or today so I think I might have to up my weight for a couple of the exercises.

    Here's my food for Monday and Tuesday:


    Breakfast - Black coffee
    Snack -
    Lunch -
    Sandwich: 2 Slices hovis nimble (HEB), Cucumber, Tomato & Quorn Family Roast slices
    Snack -
    Dinner -
    Pasta with broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts and 65g Kerry Low Low made into a sauce (HEA)
    Evening Snack -
    Drinks throughout the day -
    Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns -
    0! Oops! Was too knackered after kettlercise to eat anything other than dinner!


    Breakfast - Tassimo Cappuccino (5 syns)
    Snack -
    Lunch -
    Left over Pasta from Monday night dinner: Pasta with broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts and 65g Kerry Low Low made into a sauce (HEA)
    Snack -
    Dinner -
    Baked beans and fried egg on 2 slices of Hovis nimber (HEB)
    Evening Snack -Nothing

    Drinks throughout the day -
    Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns -

    It's weigh in today and I'm hopeful for a loss but I did have a big loss last week so I won't be too disappointed if it is small. I took my measurements today and I've definitely shrunk. I took measurements when I first started on 8 January. These are how I'm shaping up now:

    08/01/14 - 34"
    12/02/14 - 31 5/8"

    08/01/14 - 33 5/8"
    12/02/14 - 30 1/8"

    08/01/14 - 40"
    12/02/14 - 37 1/4"

    08/01/14 - 24"
    12/02/14 - 22 7/8"

    08/01/14 - 16 1/2"
    12/02/14 - 15 3/4"

    I'm really chuffed with this and can definitely feel that my clothes are a little looser and my tummy is starting to look a bit slimmer!
  8. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Well weighed in last night and had a 1lb loss! Woo hoo! That brings me up to 10lb loss in total. Well chuffed with that and I'm averaging 2lb a week overall which is great.

    Yesterday was also great as I had an appointment with my tattoo artist to discuss my birthday present from hubby. He usually buys me a tattoo each birthday and this year is no different. Going for a nice big piece on my calf, a traditional japanese koi carp. I'm booked in for 28 Feb and I can't wait, it's going to look awesome!

    Food for yesterday:

    Breakfast - Black Coffee
    Snack -
    Lunch -
    Sandwich: Quorn Roast, tomato, cucumber, 2 slices Hovis nimble bread (HEB), banana
    Snack -
    Dinner -
    Pasta, Philly light (HEA), Mushrooms, Sweetcorn, topped with 40g grated reduced fat cheddar (6 syns)
    Evening Snack -
    Drinks throughout the day -
    Black coffee and sugar free squash
    Total Syns - 6

    Got some leftovers from dinner for lunch today so looking forward to that later. Also got kettlercise tonight as well. I think this will be my last session working with the 4kg weight and next week I'm going to step up to the 6kg where I can. I want to keep challenging myself and I'm so impressed with the inch lossage so far that I just know I'm going to get good results from this.
  9. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Well done on your loss, yay!! :)

    Love that your hubby buys you a tattoo each birthday, that's awesome! I'm a massive fan of tattoos and love koi carp. Will you let us see a picture once it's all done?

    Have a good day xx
  10. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Oh dear!!! I have been rubbish at keeping this diary updated!

    I've had a week off work so haven't been on the computer that much. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!! Spent most of the week just relaxing and catching up on housework. Managed to take the pooch out a couple of times down the beach which is always good fun. Also had a ridiculous girl moment in Homebase trying to buy a tarpaulin and some nails to fix our shed roof. Honestly that's the sort of job that Husbands should be doing!! I got there in the end but inevitably bought the wrong kind of nails! Doh!

    Thanks for stopping by Princess_Stevie. I will definitely put a picture up once the tattoo is finished. Booked in for my first session this Friday coming.

    In SW news. Last week I had a gain of 1lb. My food was perfect, I always keep a diary and I've done SW for so long that I know I didn't do anything wrong there. The only thing I can put it down to is that I have markedly increased the amount of exercise I am doing (3 x Kettlercise classes a week) and I was definitely feeling very bloated in the run up to lady time! I've powered through this week and definitely feel a bit slimmer and think I should be in for a good loss this week. Fingers crossed for Wednesday!

    Food so far today has been:

    Brekkie - Coffee
    Morning snack - Plum
    Lunch - Homemade three bean salad with sweetcorn, onion, cucumber, tomato and fat free french dressing. Banana.

    Not sure what's for dinner yet tonight, I'll have to decide that when I get home. It's getting towards the end of the month so the cupboards are starting to look a little bare, but I'm sure I'll be able to whip something up.

    Unfortunately I will be on my own this evening. Hubby walked into work this morning at 6am only to be told when he got there that he is meant to be on night shift! It seems his boss had forgotten to tell him! So he had to trudge back home and has spent the day trying to sleep so that he isn't shattered tonight.

    Good thing about hubster being on nights is I can monopolise the telly and watch Desperate Housewives! I never saw it when it was on telly but we have a Lovefilm subscription and all the episodes are on there so I've been working my way through them.

    I will try and be better at keeping my diary up to date but let's face it I've been pretty rubbish so far! I have college tomorrow so I probably won't get a chance to do an entry tomorrow but will try to remember on Wednesday!
  11. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Good morning little diary!

    Good day at college yesterday, bit brain melting but got a lot done so feeling proud about that. Went to Kettlercise after which was awesome. We had a new trainer and she was really good at explaining all the moves. There's definitely a few that I was doing wrong so it was good to get them corrected and make sure that I'm getting the best from my workouts.

    After kettlercise I hit Tesco to get my latest food obsession. Their prepared Mediterranean roasting vegetables. They're on offer at the moment 3 for 2 so I grabbed 3 packs and that should see me through the next few nights. They are so tasty and filling!

    Food for yesterday:

    Brekkie - Cappuccino 5 syns
    Morning Snack - Plum
    Lunch - 3 bean salad, tomato, cucumber, onion, sweetcorn, FF french dressing. Banana.
    Afternoon snack - Nothing
    Dinner - SW quiche (Eggs, pasta, cottage cheese, mushrooms, leeks, tomato, 40g lighter cheddar HEA), Mediterranean roasting vegetables (Onion, Cherry Tomato, Peppers, Courgette).

    Weigh in today at 5. Really hoping for a good loss this week after my 1lb gain last week. Good news is I have come on my lady time so hopefully all that water weight should have shifted now!
  12. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Good day diary!!

    Well weigh in was last night and I lost a whopping 3.5lbs so feeling over the moon!! Only 1.5lb off my 1st award so I'm going to work really hard to stay focused and hit that next week.

    Was so happy with myself last night that I treated myself to an indulgent dinner. All on plan but definitely a bigger portion than I would normally have and I really enjoyed it. I had pasta with a cheesy sauce made of 140g Tesco lighter soft cheese with chives (HEB and 6 syns) & a portion of Tesco prepared sliced mushrooms in garlic butter (2 syns), topped it off with 40g reduced fat cheddar (HEA). It was so yummy and I was stuffed afterwards!

    Been good and on plan today so far as well:

    Brekkie - Black coffee
    Morning snack - Plum
    Lunch - 3 bean salad with cucumber, tomato, onion and FF french dressing. Banana

    I've got my kettlebell class tonight at 7 so won't eat anything more now until after that. Not sure what to have tonight but I do have another pack of the prepared Mediterraen vegetables in the fridge so I might use those up with something.

    I've got my tattoo appointment tomorrow and I'm so excited!! Planning to meet my SW buddy at hers to make a nice SW cooked breakfast then head down to the studio with plenty of fruit snacks to keep us going throughout the day. I probably won't be able to do a kettlebell class for a few days after this first tattoo session so I need to be extra good on food this week.
  13. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Happy Monday diary!!

    Well another weekend has just flown by and back to the grindstone it is! Thankfully we had a bit of better weather this way on Saturday which managed to lift my spirits a bit!

    Had my first tattoo appointment on Friday and all the outline has been done. Need to go back for another session in a couple of weeks to get it all coloured in and finished off. I'm so pleased with how it looks so far and can't wait to see it all finished.

    Food has been pretty good, all on plan, but yesterday I just couldn't stop eating. I stuck to free and superfree foods but I know that I have eaten more than I should. Had a cheeky peek on the scales this morning and they are showing a 1.5lb gain so I'm going to be super good today and tomorrow so that I can try and get a loss on wednesday. I've also got 2 kettlercise classes between now and weigh in so hopefully that'll shift some of it!

    Been spending most of this morning trying to sort out my finances and see if I have enough money to get tickets for all the festivals and events I want to go to this summer. Hopefully I should be able to swing it, and it's my birthday this month so if I get any money for it I will put it towards tickets.

    Was in a rush first thing this morning so all I've got for lunch is a banana sandwich and a plum! But I'll have a nice big dinner after kettlercise tonight so I'm not going to starve!
  14. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Right I've decided to set myself a little challenge. My ultimate target is 10st 8lbs. I want to hit this before we go to the Grand Prix for our first anniversary the first weekend in July. However I have just booked myself tickets for my first festival of the season which is 31st May. There's 13 weigh ins between now and then so I'm going to challenge myself to lose on average 1.5lb a week getting me to 10st 11.5lbs. As long as I stick to the food and keep up the exercise I'm certain this is possible. There's a few events between now and then that might result in little gains but I think this is achievable. If I hit this as well it will put me 3.5lbs off my ultimate target with 4 weeks to go until the Grand Prix.

    As I'm doing a lot of strength exercises I'm also going to add an inch goal, just in case the scales stop responding but the inches keep going down. Inch goals by 31 May are:

    Bust: 34
    Waist: 26 3/4
    Hips: 34 3/4

    Ultimate inch loss target:

    Bust: 32
    Waist: 24 3/4
    Hips: 33 3/4

    The bust measurement is a best guess as I don't actually know what my bust measurement is at the moment (I never bother to measure as my boobies are tiny), so I might adjust this after I get home and measure the girls.

    So to sum up -

    Wegle's Festival Fun Challenge - To lose either 19.5lbs in weight or lose ??in from bust, 3 1/8in from waist & 2 1/4in from hips.
  15. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Good luck with your weightloss journey hun.
    Our stats are pretty similar. And also our targets are quite alike. My first target is to be at 11 stone by Easter but my overall target is to be down to 10 stone by August.x
  16. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Hey hun, thanks for stopping by. It's great to have someone heading for the same sort of weight loss. I'm sure we can do it!! I can't wait to get back into the 11 stones. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be there.
  17. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    You're only a few lbs off, I'm sure you'll be there in no time.x
  18. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Subscribing to your diary hun. Like littlemiss we have similar targets. Will have a good read form the beginning. Good luck on your journey. :)
  19. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Wow well done so far honey so dedicated. :)
    You 2 girls are running away ive got some catching up to do. :rolleyes:
    Seriously im very jealous but also very proud of the determination you have. Go girl ull soon be in the 11s with littlemiss. :)
    Sent from my GT-I9100 using MiniMins.com mobile app
  20. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Welcome bubble! Thanks for dropping by. We will all get there and have fab slinky bodies ready for the summer I'm sure of it!
  21. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    I really hope so hun. As long as we all stay positive and motivated we can do it :) I find the support of peeps on my diary invaluable, they always keep me going.
    Hey bubbly one we aren't running away from you, you'd doing fab :) xx

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