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Weigh in 3


2lb gone forever though - never to be seen again - 16 sausages all over !!!. Well done. It all ends up towards the ultimate goal !.



Size 14 here i come!
Well done on the loss and i know how you feel, i have a tough week this week and to add to it i have only lost 1-2lb so far, get weighed on tues! I have a feeling this could be my last week.


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2lbs is better than sts or put on.keep with it girl we will get you there.x


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Well done! It is disheatening when your expectations are higher than the realisation but I expect you are in for a big loss next week to even things out. Hold onto that thought and dont let yourself get down xxx


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Hi Vicky
Please dont feel "gutted"...look at the big picture - you lost 1 stone on week 1!!! Altogether you have lost 21lbs in 3 weeks!!!!! That is an achievement and dont lose sight of that!!!!!!!

Yes, we always seem to expect huge losses every week, but there usually is that one elusive week, where we dont and it can make or break us!! Dont allow the weight to dictate your emotions.

Do something positive...get into your wardrobe and start trying on some clothes that maybe didnt fit you the other week! You will be surprised that your body is changing!

Cheer up sweetie and keep looking forward, you are doing so well.

You havent updated your details, so it isnt showing the percentage of weight you have lost,,this all helps to keep us motivated. Why dont you get a ticker set up as well:)!

Hang in there, we are all routing for you and 2 lbs is good and it isnt a gain, and it is pure fat, not water!!!

Take care


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hey vicky, dont feel gutted chick, 2lbs is better than no lbs, you have done well so far , well done xxx


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Hi guys and thanks for the uplift.I am happy with the loss but you just expect more dont you with no eating lol.
I was thinking of buying a cross trainer to try and help me next month,i need to loose 3-4 stone by 28th may lol.I WILL do it lol.



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a loss is a loss and always beats a gain;)