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Weigh in and becoming a cdc?


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hi guys. well i'm finally pre-holiday weight again and moving forward fast. i have finally crashed through the two stone barrier and am on my way :)

also asked cdc about becoming a counsellor and she is more than willing to sponsor me when i get closer to goal. what do you guys think? think i could do it? it's something i would really like to do. it's helped me so much.

abz xx
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Hi Abz, I think you'd make a great CDC. I did my first training day 10 days ago and need to post off my form now to get my accreditation number and then I can order supplies. I've decided to start when I return from Portugal as my mind is occupied with other things at the moment!!!!!!!! xx


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thanks guys. it is something i would really really like to do. but i am only 25. are people going to see me and think 'you're too young to give me any advice'...

abz xx
It isn't about age - it is about experience - My CDC is younger than me but because she has been where I have - she can support me - you have already shown you can do this on here!! Good luck
thanks guys. it is something i would really really like to do. but i am only 25. are people going to see me and think 'you're too young to give me any advice'...

abz xx
My daughter Amy was 19 when she qualified and has been counselling now for just over 3 years.

People do not look at your age but your experience in weightloss.

You need to be BMI 28 to apply so not long now:)
You would be fab - I listen to your advice and I'm older than you!

Go for it girl! :D


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thanks guys. that makes me feel better about it :D

it's really really spurred me on. i have about a stone and a half to go before bmi 28 unless you can be 28.something.. anyhoo. if i can get there by christmas then i can get the ball rolling :) i think i would really really enjoy it. i'm all excited. ha.

i'm very tired since i got up at 6, forgetting i didn't have to be at work until 1... and hungry since i'm trying not to have anything to eat just yet. think i might start nibbling on a bar now though because i'm going to end up starving if i don't... yes. think i'll do that :)

supposed to be going out for dinner on friday evening. everyone wanted to go to an italian but i knew bad things would happen to me there, so managed to convince them to go to a tapas place where it wouldn't be obvious if i didn't eat at all and i know they do just a plain chicken skewer if i want to ss+... but still not decided on whether i want to go or not... either that or be plagued by 15 year olds in bin bags pretending to trick or treat...

then my friend wants to do pie and peas on bonfire night. *sob* i think i'll cry into my milkshake at that one :D why do people keep organising foody things!!

abz xx
Im thinking of becoming a cdc but wont start the ball rolling til after christmas so we could be doing it together hun.lol.
Hi Abz, hope you don't mind me jumping in, but just wanted to ask are you doing cd810? I am wondering whether to start 810 as sole source scares me a bit :eek:

Have you had good losses and would you
recommend it?

I have been reading the forum for a while and think you'd make a great cdc btw :)

Thanks x


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thanks hel :) i am on ss at the mo. going for gold now, ha. but i did still lose around 2.5lb a week on 810. i found the portion sizes massive. especially the quorn one. i used to mainly stick to chicken stir fried in a tiny bit of bouillon with two mushroom and a sprig of brocolli... hope that helps :D

abz xx

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