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Weigh in tonight


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Got my first weighin tonight (apart my pop-in) and not looking forward to it much! On tuesday I probably drank 3 litres and yesterday I think I had about 1 litre, I just felt so ill which I'm convinced was the toffee bar so am not having that today and am taking it to my meeting tonight to swap and am basically just going to have 3 shakes a day and one soup. I feel much better today so should be ok with the water. Is there anyway I can make up for not drinking much the last couple of days or do I just expect a smaller loss tonight?

I also have a really sore throat this morning, well not so much throat more the back of the roof of my mouth and when I had some water this morning it actaully really hurt! Not sure if it's the start of a cold or lack of water!!

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Ohh Helen. Sorry your feeling poorly. It does sound to me like your coming down with something but I'd talk to your LLC about it. Do try and keep the water up - if you are getting a virus or something that will help. Would some flavouring help maybe?

Either way hang in there I am sure it will get better.


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I might get the water flavouring tonight but only to make ice lollies with, we had a taste of it at our first meeting and I thought it tasted like junior disprol - you know the one that dissolves!

The reason I couldn't drink the water over the last couple of days is because I felt so ill I just couldn't stomach it and really had to force my 2 packs down last night, I was in so much pain when I got home from work yesterday but I've been fine today and haven't had a toffee bar so that's the only thing I can think of that it could've been.


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Hmm not sure what to advise - besides trying to get more water into you as it will help both your ailments!
How do you like sparkling water? Or try warming the water slightly which is much easier to swallow than cold water. I know you'll feel better after more water - see what you can do.
Hope you feel better tomorrow ..... :)


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Thanks for that, I've done nearly 1.5 litres this morning and agree that cold water straight form te firdge is much harder to drink than a more room temp water. With regards to sparkling I don't drink it as I remember hearing that still water can aid cellulite so haven't really touched the stuff in years!! It might not be true but I don't like it much now anyway!!




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Hiya Helen,
sure you'll be pleasantly suprised tonight :p

sorry you've not been feeling well, the st clements with some paracetamol is kinda like a lemsip which will help if you have a cold coming on...

Keep glugging :p


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Thanks Geri! Determined to have done 3 litres before I leave work in aobut 10 mins just got another glass and a half but it's really soothing my throat so that's cool!


aww sorry you're feeling rough..it does take a while for the bod to get used to the new regime & my body made official compliants! Just rest up if you can, drink as much as you can (not drinking actually make you feel ill) and hang in there. The first few weeks is tough but once you're past the first push its much easier and infinately worth it! Look forward to hearing how you got on! Just a thought have you had a poo (sorry, personal but necc!) - I found that I felt quite ill & realised I hadnt been for 4 days - if that may be the case get dulcolax (LL reccomended) and take it tomorrow night...may help if you are constipated...Dry mouth etc is als common in early days and does feel better after a while - not sure whether its because you get used to it or whether it diminishes!! Just keep sipping through the day but it is hard when you feel like being sick as I realised on Sunday....you can only do your best at the end of the day! Have you tried cooking packs (see recipe thread at top of page) once a day max...may find that easier to nibble if you're struggling with 4 soup/shakes a day? Just a thought...big hugs & hope you feel better soon!

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