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weight back on !?

i am just wondering coz i am reading all those posts here and is scaring me seeing people that went on LT and they are back here doing it again!!! so is it true that after this extreme program you will put back on in a extreme short time? anyone knows smth about it?
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No... Like any diet, if you go back to eating the way you used to its inevitable that you will pile the weight back on, you have to re-educate yourself.. also have a read the LT pack information, it does explain on there, about why some put weight back on.:)


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this diet is a life change, if you remember the trauma of getting into ketosis and all the temptations along the way you'll keep yourself in check. i try to weigh in every few days and do something straight away if it shows a gain.


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a friend of mine has maintained within a couple of pounds for months now, and she's not always too careful either! i think if you keep your portions down and be sensible it will be ok. but like anything, if we go back to chocolate, crisps, beer and pizza then we will gain weight.


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I've pretty much maintained for 10 months now. I weigh myself daily and give myself a half stone buffer....as I see the weight creaping up a few lbs, I cut back for a few days and it soon disappears. Basically I realise that I need to watch my weight for life. If I go back to eating what I used to eat then I will gain it all back and then some. Last night I went out and had a curry, with a couple of glasses of red. Today I started with banana on two ryvitas, I'm having salad for lunch and a low carb meal for dinner. Basically I do treat myself, but understand that the next couple of days I need to be careful.....that would be the case no matter which diet I had done.

Stick with it. Good luck.
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That's it basically. If you go back to old habits, you will go back to your old weight.


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It's like any diet, some people maintain and some people don't. If you don't tackle the issues behind your weight gain and you go back to your old eating habits, you'll regain the weight because those habits will make you fat again just as they did before.
If you use this journey as a chance to address your eating issues - and you'll have to, because you'll have to find substitutes for whatever you were getting from excess food - if you embrace the refeed programme and are determined to make healthy food choices for the rest of your life, you will keep the weight off.
I don't intend to binge after LT. I intend to eat healthily 99 per cent of the time, with the odd treat or meal out. I won't feel guilty about those meals the way I always used to - but I will make up for them elsewhere. I am going to give myself a 5 pound buffer zone either side of my target weight - if I hit it, serious action will have to be taken!

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