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Weight converting

I got weighed this morning & on the scales it said 87.25kg.

Now if i google it, it comes up at 13st 7lbs however other sites say different things.

It converts into 13st 7lbs but it also converts into 192lbs.
Isn't 192lbs = 13st 10lbs :confused:

I'm so confused, can anyone help me out please :D
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Umm, it's a bit confusing but google convert function does it all in digital so when it says 13.7 it means 13 stone and 7/10s of a stone if that makes sense. I could have that wrong too. So what I do is say 'convert 13stone 7pounds' or whatever until it matches the kilos.

It just doesn't do the metric to imperial conversion very well but it can do the imperial to metric.

So i am 13st 10lbs :cry: :cry: :cry:

5lbs loss in 2 weeks is pants :cry:
I'm drinking 6 litres a day + a little extra in my shakes so drinking plenty of water.

Its ok hun, you only answered my question.


is loving the soup?!
What you do is take your weight kilos and multiply by 2.2 to get the number of pounds. There are 14 pounds in a stone. Therefore you are just under 13 stone 10 xxx
The online converters are not accurate as they divide a stone into 10ths when there are 14 lbs in a stone, so it should be 14ths.

Easiest way is to use the multiplyer of 2.2045 lbs to a kilo. Therefor 87.25Kg x 2.2045 = 192.34 lbs = 13st 10 lb rounded.
5 lbs in two weeks is still a great loss - don't beat yourself up - look how far you've come in such a short space of time. I think your loss has been amazing - perhaps it's just TOTM or just a slow week. I bet next week will be better - I for one am very impressed (I didn't lose any last week which was wk3 for me!!!) but it's onwards and upwards (or should that be downwards!) x x x
Even easier still, demand your Pharmacist weighs you in stones and pounds!!
my pharmacist weighs me in kilos and then converts to "old money" for me - she has a sheet with all the conversions on - not sure where she got that from. Obviously she didn't need to do any conversions this week as I didn't lose a sodding ounce!!
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I notice they don't have stones to kilos though so it's hard to double check it.
They do you might have to maximise the page or scroll down a little bit

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Wow thanks guys.

I know 5lbs is good but you know how it is when you are hoping the scales say one thing (13st 7lbs)but then say something else (13st 10lbs).

I will see ask her to weigh me in stones and pounds next time, so much easier.
I don't understand Kgs at all, i much prefer stones and pounds.
My chemist converts my weight in kg on her phone but doesn't seem to understand her phone is giving her the result in stone not stone and lbs so I just smile, wait till I get home then do the conversion myself!


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