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Weight loss and new found depression!


WILL be Slim!
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i dont really know where to start but i'll try not to go on too long for a change! ;)

Ok, so yesterday, i went to the doctors about various things, but have now been put on anti-d's for depression, stress and OCD.
One of the reasons contributing to the above, is the amount of skin i have! Its making me miserable! No matter how fabulous the clothes, everytime i'm naked, its just a constant reminder! Its effecting my relationship with my DH (esp in the bedroom)! My Dr is being fab and trying to get my a tummytuck on the NHS and thinks my PCT will pay for it (esp as i have lost over 10 stone now in total) but i cant see them making me a priority!

There is so much stuff going on in my life at the moment, so i know all of it isnt just related to the weight loss....but i hate feeling so low and sad but i cant help feeling uncomfortable in my new body!

I always thought that i would be so happy being skinny....I'm now in size 10 skinny jeans which i never thought would be possible, but the elation i get with that is cancelled out with the realisation that everything else going on in my life is crumbling around me, especially when i then have to tuck half a tone of skin into said skinnies! :( Its disgusting!

The only good thing i think in all this, is that i'm managing to keep on CD 100% (although it does wave between SS and SS+) so i'm hoping that the weight comes off tomorrow at weigh in! DH was on and on about eating out today...and it would have been easy to say yes but i didnt....! I'm so proud of that as it shows that i'm starting to get on top of my emotional eating!

Still have a shake and some tuna to have tonight and i'm really tired to going to get that and come back up to bed for the rest of the night!

Fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow though!

Sorry to open all on here....just need some hugs and support! :sigh:
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Lizz- I haven't started my journey yet, but i think that waht you are going through is what i will be feeling somewhere down the line as with having around 8 stone at least to lose in total i am concerned about the excess skin, i have chicken wings now and feel that they will be alot worse with drastic weight loss, but i so much want the IVF treatment that my hubby has said if i require a tummy tuck etc then so be it.
sorry i maybe not much help, but i really feel for you , as the elation of the weight loss, can be dampened by the excess skin. :hug99:hunny
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Ah Lizz well done you for staying strong,you have achieved so much,I understand how the loose skin must be getting you down but you have to remember just how much healthier you are on the inside and out.
Keep smiling honey it will all come together in the end and luckily for all of us on cd we have minimins cause i would not have got this far on CDss without the support from everyone on here including you.
Hope you feel better soon nat xx


Happiness in a shake!
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awh hunny, you are an ispiration to us all, and I know there is so much going on in your life right now, the antid's will help and the PCT, will get you the tummy tuck, you will be a priority, because you have done so well, chun up chuck x


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Well done, Liz for speaking to your GP about how you're feeling. That's the hardest bit but you're now on the way up again. It might take a while, but you're taking positive steps so please give yourself a pat on the back for that.

I'm sure many people who've lost as much weight as you will relate to the skin issue. It seems so cruel that we're left with this problem after working so hard to deal with another problem and beating it! It's great that your GP is supportive so I'm sure the PCT will be too.

Remember to congratulate yourself for your achievements as well as working on feeling better. You've done fabulously well and are an inspiration.


Thelma xx


Back On Track!
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Hi Lizz

I do hope that you will be able to have the tummy tuck on the NHS. Your GP sounds very supportive and I am sure that this can go a long way in how effectively the surgical referral is worded. (I suggest this based on both my mum and myself being nurses, so GP's that we have established a good relationship with have often spoke to us in a more open and direct way)
Sending you hugs and my very best wishes x
S: 16st13lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.77%)

Sounds like you are on a real rollercoaster at the moment.... you were so up yesterday and so down today.... First time round I had huge issues with skin, please please don't do what i did and fill it right back out!!!! You have done the right thing in looking for professional support. Also remember that it can take up to 6months for skin to go back.... have you been brushing or using lotions??? I know they are temporary but doing something has got to be better than nothing!


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Hi Liz, how are you feeling today? Hope your weigh in goes well, do you get much support from your CDC?

This diet works so quick that your brain can get left far behind! The weight loss part of this diet is only the first stage. Have you thought about the weight you are going to be when you start to move up through the plans?

I hope this comes across the right way, but you have changed your end goal a few times now pushing it further away. What is your true end goal?

It sounds (to me) that you need to be a little more forgiving on yourself, a little easier on yourself. Hopefully this should come once the antid's kick in. You should be very proud of yourself and the changes you have made in a short space of time.

We are always here to listen and give ((hugs)) xx
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Hi Liz, hope you are feeling better today. I am worried about what my skin will look like once I have lost the weight, especially on my stomach, legs and arms. I know it's not going to be pretty! I have talked about it with my husband, and he says that a tummy tuck might be an option (and a boob job, just to give them a little 'lift'!) if I want one. It is hard to say how I will feel when I get there.

You have come such a long way, and are a real inspiration. x
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Ah, can't offer you much other than big hugs Lizz!

IKWYM about the skin, I got out of the shower in the hotel the other day and caught myself in the big mirror over the sink. My tummy and chest look like an old man's! Jeez...


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Morning Lizz. I wish I had some advice, but instead I will give you a huge world sized hug and lots and faith in getting through this period. I agree with looking at the positives and remembering how far you have come and how much you have achieved. I look at your losses and hope that I have the strength to keep going like you. Vanessa. xx


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I can't really add much beyond what the others on here have, but just wanted to say well done for going to your doctors with how you are feeling. So many people suffer in silence and that was an incredibly open and honest thing for you to do.

Hopefully your tummy tuck will come through for you sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, tummy tuck aside try to take stock of the good things that you can, all the negative stuff will be dealt with as it comes.



WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all! Your such a wordering support network! :D

I'm still very delicate....i think its going to take a bit for the tablets to kick in, but it'll beat feeling so rotten! I hate it!
I hate the side effects of this...i'm constantly doubting myself, how i look, what i do, what i say, the mood swings....etc! :(

The doctor did gently say to me that when i've gone from nr 22 stone down to nearly 11, what did i expect my skin to do? and she's right! I think i entered into this thinking that i would end up with the perfect bod...and i NEVER will! I would like to not have to tuck all the skin in my size 10 skinnies though! Not asking too much....surely?!

Anyway, again, thank you all! Cant wait for the tablets to work their magic!

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You have done amazingly well and I know that you are feeling blue right now. Someone so inspirational such as you, well it makes the forums fantastic.
The NHS will come through, I am sure xx Hugss
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I'm so sorry to hear how you are feeling. When you change so much in such a short space of time, the ends up spinning from it all. I know I had some really low points, endlessly sobbing, loss of identity and feeling lost. Given time I started to adjust and the light came back on again and I am sure it will for you sweetheart.



Enjoyin' my journey....
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Hi Liz . hugs and support your way. Hope you are beginning to feel brighter. You have acheived so much, and I can understand the struggle with excess skin. However, having to accommodate it in size 10 skinny jeans, instead of that awful feeling of "nothing fits" when obese, must be of some comfort. Loving the new you (warts n all)will come in time. Like someone said, the body transforms before the head has chance to catch up. Tx

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