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Weight loss... changes you've noticed...


** Chief WITCH **
Something Jacqs said in her diary reminded me of how I used to get very apprehensive before flying; not because I'm a nervous passenger, but because ONCE I'd had to request the pregnant woman's extension belt, and I was so mortified.

So... as you lose weight, are there things becoming easier for you than before. Post here, and they might help us all in our tougher moments.

I also recall being able to easily fasten my own laces, without having to contort...

I also sleep far less... and am far more energetic generally...
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Great post Jo.
I have more energy and less of a chinese telephone directory full of chins ;)

I was in a shop the other day and was walking past the mirrors for sale and wondered who that person was with a decent set of legs (covered in jeans ) and butt - it was me! I suppose i only see my legs from looking down where they always look really fat but i was extremely happy! they look awful when im naked like wobbly, fat mishapen sausages, but covered in a size 12 pair of jeans i dont look too bad! (now just got to have my head feeling the same way as the mirror looks!)
ooh My boobs are more like boobs and not just another roll of flab lol.
Stuff I only used to wear to bed because they were tight round my hips with jeans on all fit me now, I have more energy, more supple, I keep thinking I have shrunk because my jeans are trailing on the floor


Goat herder(ess)
Great idea for a thread, Maintainer! This kind of thing gives you such an incredible boost.

I'm finding that I can fit back into some of my slimmer clothes - even if they are still a bit tight. When I look into the mirror, I now longer cringe quite so much at my belly - it's looking a lot flatter and my waist has most definitely returned!

From a health viewpoint, I have asthma and was getting out of breath very easily when walking briskly anywhere, but have noticed that I don't anymore. Plus the arthritis I've had for most of my life isn't hurting my knees so much now.
I have more energy usually (October is a bit of a write-off for me thogh) and more motivation for just about everything.

Am happier knowing that my risk of diabetes (and the rest) has been lowered.

Am narked though;)! Bought new jeans (2 pairs) a fortnight ago and they're too loose now. Of course, I've worn them so no refund. Oh well, there's a positive in there somewhere - need size 40 jeans. Still need size 44 tops (but better than needing size 46!)
lol i was thinking things yesterday lol
my knees which have always podged out are going down (inwards im on about)
thighs still podgy but dont cause friction burns when i walk anymore
asthma again managed a fast walk up an incline this morning without keeling over
my boobs are rapidly disappearing which is fine as since the kids they have been more spaniels ears , so not complaining
and of course my tummy doesnt look like im 2yrs pregnant any more


** Chief WITCH **
ooooh friction burns at the top of my legs when big and sweaty in the summer... oooh I remember that!


** Chief WITCH **
jeans? JEANS? I wore my very first pair ever at the great old age of 38! So another good thing - I now can wear JEANS!
my boobs have GONE :( i used to be a B cup even when i was skinny back when i was a teenager and now i am an A!!!!!!!!! or less than that if they made them lol. My husband promised me a boob job before i had the kids if breastfeeding made them saggy but now i need an enlargement. Its the first thing everyone says to me when i see them for the first time since the diet.
Vickki the undies thing is great.

One of my faves is towels not leaving a gap anymore.
Was very excited about the hotel towels fitting round me :D

The seats on the plane and in the cinema and theatre being less of an issue is terrific.

Being able to do more walking without a rest. Dragging my suitcase to the bus station on sunday I was moaning in my head how heavy it was then realised it weighs less than I've lost and I used to carry all that extra round daily.

My shuttle driver kept recommending pool parties I should attend, pretty sure no one needs to see me in a swimsuit but i doubt he would have recommended them to last year me.

I'm getting more appreciative looks ;) I may still be big but now I have a figure again, not just a blob, I'm getting a bit more attention.


** Chief WITCH **
that's fabulous to read Jacqs...


Dukan Ancestor!!
I agree with everything said above - esp about jeans rubbing between the legs & chafing in summer...:eek:

I am generally fitter now - I can do my usual cycle routes and not be out of breath when I get over the railway bridge (Cambridge is generally fairly FLAT...). There is a traffic light just after it and one evening I was stopped there and thought; "Hang on - I am usually getting my breath back right now" :D It was a revelation!

I can do yoga better - and that's not just with practice. For 'tree pose' (Tree Pose (Vrksasana) - Yoga Poses at Yogatic at Yogatic) I can actually keep my leg up without having to hold it with my hand which is what I'd been doing for about 2 years. My balance is still not perfect but much much better. My hands can meet across my back, the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, I have less padding and the floor is much harder now ;)

And yes, my boobs have gone too. They were never huge (small B) and BFing two kids didn't help (down to A), but now :( AA ...

People have been complimenting me on my clothes and figure, and I really noticed lots of glances at my new (knee length) skirt and legs in boots when I wore them for the first time last week. And I did not have to feel self-conscious because I knew they looked just right and I had nothing to hide! Up to this point I have only ever worn calf-length or longer skirts, because I was so self-conscious of my chunky calves! They are still on muscular side :D - that runs in the family, but they just look better proportioned now.
That's fantastic, Anja! How wonderful that you have so much more self-confidence now, and I'm seriously impressed with the tree pose. (I do Pilates, but I have no sense of balance so I think I would be hopeless at Yoga.)

Yep, it's not just about looking better, it's about feeling better, too.


** Chief WITCH **
Absolutely... "feeling better" is more than half the battle.
(I can recall going on a beach in the South of France in a BIKINI weighing 16 stones... I had just lost 5 stone, and felt GREAT! I wouldn't now, I hasten to add!!!)


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hee hee I haven't OWNEd a bikini since age ~14!!

Another thing I noticed, not sure if positive or negative: I feel the COLD much more. Wearing a vest already and always an extra cardi at work...


** Chief WITCH **
(yes - I'm permanently cold...)

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