Weight loss from illness?


I will do this!!!


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Hi, sorry to hear you have not been well.
Must admit when i have been poorly and lost weight through not eating that it does go back on :(
I do know the reason for this, but at the moment i cant put it into words, my brain has worked to hard today :D
Some one will probably be along to explain why though :D
Just dont get disheartend if you do x x


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It's probably water weight loss..
I joined WW last year after a week of being poorly.. when I had my first weigh in it said I'd gained 4.5lbs !!!!!!!!!!
I've stuck to it religiously and measured everything..kept a food diary ..besides its usually the first week that u lose the most.. needless to say, has put me off WW even though wasn't their fault

so to answer, very likely. however there might've been some genuine weight loss.. amongst the fake pounds loss.

I would compare it to the week before I got ill to see if I'd lost weight.


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Ive found in the past when Ive been ill and lost weight its gone back when I started eating, I just always think its because youve not lost it as such, youre just totally empty so as soon as you eat again and fill your stomach youre going to gain.... probably not very scientific lol When my dad died I lost about 21lbs in 10 days because I couldnt eat and was sick everytime I did, once I started eating it went back on again quite quickly. Hopefully youll keep some of it off but Id be prepared for a bit of a gain next week.