weight loss on each step??????


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please can someone tell me what the weight loss reduces to after ss as you move down the steps?
i know that ss is approx 1 stone per month and 790 is approx 12lbs to 1 stone per month but as you move to 1000 and 1200 and 1500 what would the weight loss move to.
Thank you in advance.

also if i stated on a calorific programm what would my weight loss be?

thank you
Hi, just noticed your thread is unanswered....don't think anyone has a definate answer for you as our bodies all work differently but this is what I know. It takes 3500 extra calories on top of what your body uses to run to use 1lb of fat. So if you reduce your calorie intake to 500 less than it needs to run you should lose 1lb in a week. Obviously activity should be taken into account etc.

Plus on the higher plans you are eating carbs so it's not always fat you'll be using...glycogen etc will also be used so it's difficult. Sorry couldn't be more help!