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weight loss or water loss?


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hi all, im on day 3 of ss and have read that around 5lb in the first week is all water loss and not fat, is this true?

also how many days does it take t get into ketosis? as im still fighting the hunger feeling at different times of the day, does this go away? i wish i could stopping thinking about food:eek:
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please try again
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hey there. yes the first week on any diet you lose water the first week. on cambridge to go into ketosis you have to empty the glycogen stores in your liver and your every pound of glycogen your body stores 2 of water. after the glycogen has gone with its associated water then its all fat that you are burning away

ketosis usually hits on day 3 - 5 you can test with the ketostix to see if your in but if your 100% then you will go into ketosis

i find true hunger goes in the first week but your head might try and convince you your hungry and need to eat for a while longer
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Used to take me about 5 days to get into Ketosis but stick with it my lovely. I didn't care what the weight loss was in the first week...be it water or fat... I was just very chuffed that the scales had gone down and my clothes felt looser! Stick with it and good luck! x


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Hi Blush,

If you are SSing, then you will lose the gylcogen with the water and that us why the inital week's losses are so high. But, for every 3,500 calories you burn over wht you need to maintain your body... it will be a pound of fat to you lose. The larger you are the more calories needed to maintain your weight, so larger people usually lose more until they are no longer larger.

It is kind of nice... in my LL foundation group (last year) the bigger people lost more weight int he 12 weeks of Foundation andmany of them ended up weighing about what the people who smaller to begin with weighed at the end. Sort of seems fair.


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