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Weight loss really slow :/

I have been on dukan for about 3 weeks now and have managed to lose 13 1/2 lbs however recently the weight loss has slowed down to virtually nothing. My daily meals include:

B: Boiled egg and muller yoghurt with oatbran.

L: Chicken with Onion granuals and Bacon medalions.

D: Beef Burgers with boiled Egg

S: Muller Yoghurt

What am i doing wrong or do i just keep going and it will come off soon ??

Also i go gym every other day for an hour ??

:) Thankyou peeps ♥
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Well done on the loss so far.

Are you totally stalled or still losing but only .5-1lb?
Is it TOM interferring? Transit okay? Drinking enough water?

Dr D says to increase your walking and reduce dairy to combat a stall, I'd try swapping the mullers for natural yogurt and add sweetner/flavouring.

But also after a big initial loss the body can slow down for a bit, as it readjusts, keep going and hopefully it'll start falling again.
also check the onion and bacon for salt content ....
you may need to up the protien intake


** Chief WITCH **
I echo the yoghurt, onion granules and bacon comments...
My weightloss was really slow too, after the first 14lbs I really stalled.

Are you making the burgers yourself? Make sure you use lean steak mince.

If you're buying them ready made... they are usually full of additives and often contain breadcrumbs.

I know the book says lean bacon is OK, but it's usually very salty - a bacon medallion I would imagine is even more so. You could try lean ham instead.

Just wondering for everyone else: Does anyone have actual onions on PP days?


** Chief WITCH **
Yes I do... but in tiny quantity (use like a condiment, he says). Otherwise, put large chunks of onion in a soup for instance, for the flavour, and fish them out before you serve.
guilty of the onions !!! i do but try only to have them twice a week


grammar police
I'm pretty bad for using onions I have to admit, but nowadays I try to keep them out of PP menus if I can - or use a shallot instead since they're so much smaller.


** Chief WITCH **
Using www.myfitnesspal.com (noooo I don't have shares in it!), I was shocked to see the carbs in onions... so definitely not something to go overboard on.