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Weight loss trends after 12 weeks

Hi everyone, for the last couple of weeks have just been managing to lose 3 pounds(WKS 10 and 11), then week 12 weigh in just 2! I have not done anything differently, although suspect I have pmt this week.
My bmi is 29.something so I thought there is still enough excess on me to keep shrinking in decent loses for a while yet.

Is there an average weekly loss after 12 weeks(ss+) or is everybody different?

Maybe I should just stop moaning,be patient and get on with the laundry!

However won't be losing next week as OFF plan Saturday,but would like to know for when I put my halo back on after my day at the races.....wish I had the build of a jockey! x
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I am not a good example as I went completely off track from weeks 12 - 18 as you can see from my signature!

All I can say is, I regret it so I would really urge you to try and stick with it as I feel I've wasted time.
i dont know what the average weekly losses are after 12 weeks but maybe your off day will kickstart your metabolism mrs? i've read on other threads of this happening, i dont know the scientific reasoning behind it but people have posted that your body can adjust to only getting a small amount of kcals per day (especially the exact same amount of kcals/day) and a high kcal day can really shock it into burning fat better after this. good luck and let us know. any excuse for a day off plan if that works ;) xx
Hi Mrs Taurus,

The lighter you get the fewer calories you will need to maintain basic functions. Kind of unfair... however, it may be that you are holding water and you will show a bigger loss next week. Also, if you are not exercising very much you could add some in and that might give you a little extra "burn". Good luck with your off day, I do think that there might be something to a break now and then (but less now).

I was starting to slow down too as I hit BMI of about 30/29.

A bit disappointing but was just glad that weight coming off quicker than some other diets I have done.

Whole-heartedly agree with Guru, don't let any thoughts that you are not losing enough get into your head as I think that contributed to my almighty blip x
i agree with blingbabe, 2/3lb per week is a better loss than most other diets. hell, 2/3lb would likely win you slimmer of the week every week with WW/SW :D and its not like we have to stick needles in our eyes, or kill ourselves working out with a personal trainer :) keep going, it'll so be worth it hun! xx


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i agree with blingbabe, 2/3lb per week is a better loss than most other diets. hell, 2/3lb would likely win you slimmer of the week every week with WW/SW :D xx
Very true!

Hang in there Mrs T, it'll come off as it wants and with this diet there is little you can do to speed it up faster. Your body is losing the fastest it can.

Off plan on Saturday. Tut tut :D But then you are due 810 so hopefully it's only one day off plan?

810 will do you good :)
I'm having the same issues Mrs T, but I'm only on week 7!

Was losing 3-4 per week until week 5 when i was sick, and lost 1lb, then last week 2.5, and I don't think I've lost much this week either (although to be fair, I'm still not 100% - I have a dodgy immune system and when I catch something as minor as a cold, I'm ill for weeks!).

Hope the day off shocks your body back - do let me know!!
Hi Mrs Taurus,

I am in week three and "only" lost two pounds this week. But, I LOST, did not gain (as I was before I started the diet). And, although, it is not falling off the way it did when I first did LL -- I was a lot heavier then, too. I have not upped my exercise, and I know this is key. Been good with the water -- oh, wait a minute, I'll bet I did 10,000 steps yesterday running to the loo! LOL

Thanks MM finally lost my 1st pound in 6 days which now brings me to a 4st loss(until my day off that is). x ps we have a 3 storey house so maybe I should just run up to the en-suite loo on the top floor everytime I need the loo!x
Great idea... and put on ankle weight first! lol
4 stones in 12 weeks is amazing!!!

I'm 2lbs away from 4 stones and I'm WELL over 12 weeks. I'm a 3lb, 2lb a week girl : )
HI Guys im on my 3rd week, lost 14lb so far and my next weigh in is on Monday - not sure what to expect :)

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