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Weight loss with Wii Fit?

Hi ,
Did anyone lose weight with Wii fit? I'll start my new job from 4 may and I am looking for ways to work out for atleast 30 mins a day even after joining work...

we have a Wii at home. I was wondering if Wii fit actually helps lose weight... Do you get any form of cardiovascular exercise out of that?

Anyone lost weight with it, please post your experiences.

Any advise is welcome :)
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Lucky Cat

A work in progress
Hi Tulipz,
I've done the vast majority of my exercise on the Wii Fit and it has most definitely helped me. I would really recommend it. You can get as much or as little from it as you want to. Cardio wise I mainly do the jogging on it now and I use another boxing game as well (as I found I really loved the rhythm boxing), but I still use the main Wii Fit game for the muscle workouts and yoga.

I'm not so sure about the 30 mins a day thing, but I guess that depends on what you want to achieve and how much you have to lose. I had a lot to lose (over 8 stone) and so I needed to work hard to enable me to make a big difference, so I do 1.5 to 2 hours on it at a time.
I've got a Wii fit, but I've hardly used it. I got pregnant just after I got it, and then I hurt my back. But now I've no excuse so I really should get it out again.
i only use it for the weighing scales, i did like it at the beginning but found it too boring but i would find a gym boring so its up to you. i prefer to be out in the open. if you have one then no harm trying it, you'll get the wii fit thing secondhand somewhere so cheap enough to see what its like.
i have used mine everyday for an hour this week with calorie counting and lost 5 lbs i definately feel firmer too and spending he time on the wii in the evenings stops me from eating while watchign tv i do steps instead

nic x
I used it every day for about a month and lost about a stone earlier this year, but I got bored of it after that and now I hardly ever use it. It is fun, though, but the limited number of activities on there does make it difficult to keep it up, or so I found.
I've got EA Sports Active as well now, I think if I alternate between the two it wont be so bad..

Lucky Cat

A work in progress
I found it rather useless, it got really boring and I didn't lose anything. I eventually sold it and bought a stationary bike instead.
I really think it all depends on the person. It just happened to work for me and it suited me.

I agree that the Wii Fit game itself is limited but it's certainly still worthwhile although I do supplement it with a cardio boxing game (My Fitness Coach Cardio Workout) and I was given another game last week New U Personal Trainer.

However, I can think of nothing more boring than sitting on an exercise bike ;)
hi ive been doing the wii fit + plus for nearly a week for 1.5 to 2hr a day , i think its the only time i train as i get bored easy.Hope i loose weight :D
i have a wii fit aswell and i think its great it is good fun and it works i use it for about an hour a day and can feel the difference also when i get bored of it i use just dance it doesnt count your calories but you can feel it working
I have been using the wii fit for 3 weeks now and it is paying off so far. I also use Just Dance and time flies on there, and it really does make you sweat.

Going to invest in an exercise bike also.



Fighting the bulge
I use my wii fit + combined and walking and I've lost 44lb's since the middle of January.
WOW!!!! what an amazing loss!!!

I use my wii fit alot and i get bored super easily.

I use the 'free step' on the wii fit + game. It gives me 30 - 60 mins of step whilst i watch the tv, then if i fancy it i play some games after. There are so many other games out there that you can buy and its better than sitting on my bum watching tv!!

Ive also got the biggest loser game - it's a much harder work out and can be used in conjunction with the fit board.

In my opinion the wii is great, good fun and you build up a sweat!

Good luck to you xx

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