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Weight loss

Hello, I am wanting to loose 32lb in 12 weeks, is that realistic?

I have been going to gym 3/4 times per week for about 2 weeks and already I have noticed a difference in my fitness levels.

I have been doing 10 mins on the exercise bike then lifting various weights, 20 min run then another 5 mins on a bike.

I have not seen any weight loss yet but can i put that down to muscle growth or am i being optimistic?

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it takes time to lose weight even with the excersise you are doing, so I think your goal is a little bit too optimistic, just keep up with what your doing and watch the diet also, and create small goals for yourself, I go to the gym too, i didnt notice any difference on the scales but it obviously helps tone up and improves fitness levels, although i think it takes quite a few weeks to notice a difference.


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I was watching a weight loss programme on the telly the other week. The fitness expert said that it would take 12 weeks of exercise before there would be any possibility of a weight gain from increased muscle tissue.
I must say that muscle weight take 12 weeks really suprises me. I have noticed a change in my biceps (ok not a massive amount) and I am lifting more then when i first started.

Thank you for your responces
i think you should be concerned more with fat loss than weight loss. you loose fat, you look good. if you loose too much weight then you may loose fat and muscle, which would be negative. the skinny stick look is the worst look in the world, erg...so i started weight lifting when i was 11 to get bigger...still got stretch marks on my arm where the muscle grew.

but sounds like your doing the right sort of thing. alot of people have told me that if you do alot of cardio aswell as weight lifting, you loose weight really quickly. and another thing, for good weight loss rates you should always increase your limits with your exercise regime. so it looks like your increasing you time on the bike and weights, so thats really good.

im pretty sure youll reach your target if you continue with the cardio and eat good, infact im positive. good luck.

i put on weight twice in my life. first time was because of pure muscles, and second time was because of fat.
Thanks everyone,

I am well on my way to reach target now. I have reached that stage where people are now commenting at work that I have lost weight which is a really good feeling!

I have now dropped the weight lifting because I am struggling to fit it in at the moment! But what i am doing now is 25min (17Km ish) bike ride keeping my heart rate above 137bpm then do a 25 min run (2 miles ish) which i am going to increase to 26 mins today.

I was told for fat burning i needed to exercise for 30 mins plus as what happens is for the first 30 mins your body uses the energy stored in your muscles. After the first 30 mine this is when your body starts to look for other sources e.g. you fat!

How true this is I have no idea but it has kept me motivated to keep exercising for longer :)

Sorry for digging up an old thread but I'm trying to get motivated and put my head in the right place.

in the past 4 years since starting this thread I lost the weight but it's now all back on!

i know I can do it (as I did it before) it's just remembering what I did! Lol

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