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Weight not going down?

I know I should'nt have but weighed myself today and have only lost 1lb since my last weigh in on Saturday. It's only week 2 was chuffed to bits on Saturday when found had lost 12lb in my first week, I wasn't expecting to get anywhere near that amount this week but am getting worried what if I go on Saturday and have only lost 1lb this week, Is this normal. I have stuck to the plan but why am I not shrinking this week?

I know the scales match the LL ones as I checked when I got home (still in shock from the 12lb) I have been drinking the water and have even been jogging on the Wi Fit. I was hoping to loose at least 3lb this week, am I expecting to much or is this happened to anyone else?
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hi there
don't weigh yourself at home would be my advice!!!

if you are sticking to it you WILL lose weight - its impossible not to.

it may be some weeks are less than others but it will average out over the weeks - i took some convincing too, but ive done 2 stone (less1lb) in 7 weeks, which is something ive never done before, and my losses haven't been particularly big compared to some peoples.

You will be fine, honestly - keep off the scales at home tho
daisy x
some weeks you will lose a lot, other weeks you will lose very little, it's just the way it goes, just look at my stats for proof;

Weeks 1 to 4: 6lbs a week
Weeks 5 to 17: a mixture of 3lbs, 4lbs, 1lb and a gain!

So just stick to it, any loss is a good loss, and so long nas you are 100%, you will be losing all the time :)
Thankyou, I know I should relax a bit over it, and I know your all right any loss is a good loss, i'm just finding it hard this week and then I stepped on the scales and it got worse, I was hoping it would cheer me up and keep me going!! That will teach me, I have took the batteries out of scales and will see what happens on Saturday


...we're sinking deeper.
Patience is definitely key! :) 12lbs loss is staggering for Week 1 to be honest! Personally I haven't heard of such a loss before! :D Well done! Just don't get disheartened with 1lbs/2lbs losses in some weeks, it does happen. Water retention, other bodily functions, TOTM, etc can be the factors, plus exercise also makes it vary. :)
Please dont weigh yourself and dont get dispondant everyone is different but if you stick to the plan you will lose weight. Some people consistantly lose 4 or 5 lbs every week. I dont, I have stuck to the plan 100% but still had some weeks when I lost small amounts or nothing at all but overall I lost 3 stone in foundation and I know I will continue to lose.
Stick with it and you too will be a loser :)
Hi Priceys. You're experience sounds very similar to mine. I lost 14lb in the first week. Then at my week 2 drop-in (four days into week two) I had lost just 1lb. I was really gutted. Stuck to it though and 3 days later at end of week 2 wi I had lost 4lbs! Don't worry. The weight WILL come off.
come on Priceys

You wouldn't lose that much any other way!


Is back in the saddle!
You've lost nearly a stone in under two weeks and you're unhappy???

I'm not unhappy foxtrot, I was disapointed when I weighed myself, I know the weight is coming off, I can see that when I look at myself and my jeans are falling off me, I put myself under pressure to keep up with others in my group, one has lost 20lb in 2 weeks which is fantastic and I was naive to think I could do the same. Dont worry my Husband has gone mad at me today and said the same as you, and he also said he can't beleive I'm stressing when I should be jumping for joy over my own loss and not worrying about others.


Is back in the saddle!
Good on your OH!! :p

You can't sustian the huge initial loss and you can't be losing for others but you will lose at your own rate! Glad you're getting over the loss of not a big loss :D:D
I now know I was just having a wobble, I have asked OH to shake me if I start obsessing again!!!

I still have no batteries in the scales so I can't weigh myself, I will have to wait and see what happens on Saturday at my weigh in!!!
Ok now I fell a bit silly for my panic earlier in the week:eek:, I have kept the batteries out of the scales and went for my weigh in this morning and have lost another 4 1/2 lbs:D

I am now thinking lesson learnt, I am going to stop stressing over how fast the weight comes off and hopefully enjoy a nice surprise on a saturday morning.