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Weight put on? whyy?


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Just wondering.
I would rather bite my face off than cheat on a diet, hwever on my week 9 weight in (or is it week 10, i dont really keep track) it turned out I have put on 0.2 pounds on :( it's not alot, so I consider myself staying the same yet i dont know why.
It wasnt my time of the month.
I have not been exercising, not on the gym, just walking about as usual.
I have not cheated! >.<
I have drank bit less water than usual (i drink bout 6l a day- and was drinking just over 4l)
Bleah! And lady that cheated stil lost 1 pound? Life isnt fair :<

(now i start blaming sweetener that I only started to use few days before weight in to make me stay the same :<)
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Don't compare yourself to other people, there will ALWAYS be someone doing better or worse than you.

If you haven't been drinking as much, it could be water retention? Try drinking your recommended amount this week, and see what the scales say next time.

What were you wearing? If last week you were wearing light clothes, and this week you were in jeans, then that would affect your weight too.

You probably will have lost fat, even if the scales don't reflect that.
Don't worry too much Zadra, next week you would probably have a good weightloss, sometimes the body does this to us, i know, was on LL for 7 months, am now on RTM!


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dont think water retention would be the reason, since it wasnt that much difference in amount of water i drank. And clothes are definately out. just a weird week i cant explain to myself lol :<


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It does happen like that sometimes zadra, for no reason whatsoever, it can be disheartening but it will catch up.
I can't see why the sweetener would hold you up at all, as long as you are having tablet sweeteners and not powdered.

Deb G

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You can't POSSIBLY have put ON weight - it is just a fluctuation in your water levels. Ignore it and look forward to a better loss next week. If you look at my losses, sometimes I only lost 0.8, then the next week I'd have a big loss again - yet I did NOTHING different at all!

If you've exercised on the day you're weighed it can affect the result - usually it will either stay the same or look heavier.....so don't despair!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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dont think water retention would be the reason, since it wasnt that much difference in amount of water i drank. And clothes are definately out. just a weird week i cant explain to myself lol :<

You can experience water retention at any given time, for any given reason, regardless of how much water you drink or drank previously, etc.

If you are following the program 100%, you know you have done nothing to cause a gain, so just go with the flow. It all works out in the end. :)

And sweetners will have no effect at all on your weight. :)


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Just thought I'd give a few words of support, the others are totally right, will just be water so you'll almost certainly have a good loss as soon as that passes, hang in there and keep on track and all will come well!! x


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thanks for all the kind words guys<3 u rock :)
Ofc I wouldnt give up or be too sad about it, just wanted to know if anyone else had similar experience and it seems so :) Thanks again for all the advice :)


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BAH! After such a crap week of putting something on, i only lost 2pounds! It is stopping! *emo*
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It's not stopping....

last week : you may have put on weight - but u certainly didnt put on FAT, there is a difference...

this week: 2lbs is a whole bag of sugar?! Are u serious?! I'd be happy that its going in the right direction...


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haha yeah, guess first weeks just got me used to losing loads and when i get 'slow' periods i get frustrated. dont get me wrong, it wouldnt make me wanna go and say 'screw it, it doesnt work anymore so im gonna eat!' no no.. not gonna happen. just want to lose more than 2 pounds ;O lol

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