Step 1 Sole Source + Weight Regain?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by KMcHugh86, 1 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. KMcHugh86

    KMcHugh86 Member


    What is everyone's opinion on the weight gain if you have a week off or something?

    I am committed to this but also booking a holiday and already worrying that 10 days away eating and drinking will make me put on loads of pounds :confused: it almost takes the enjoyment off losing weight if I am terrified I can never eat or drink normally again!

    Everyone keeps telling me this is a stupid diet and the weight will fall back on me the minute I stop ... and I am struggling today so I am feeling a little disheartened!

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  3. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Life is all about balance. You have a holiday, you take the hit on the scales and get back on plan when you return....just make sure you do return.

    The scales always fluctuate for numerous reasons, and it's about being able to identify when a fluctuation is caused by over eating (again, allowed during maintenance) and when it's caused by water/muscle/hormones etc.

    I have 36 hours off plan the 24/25th may. I know I will be back on plan on the 26th. I'm also due to get weighed on the 27th and I know there will be a gain but im sure I will have had a fabulous time and be able to justify the gain and then focus on losing more on SS! :)

    I'm rambling now but hope that makes sense lol

    Current loss: 12lbs and 7.5inches
  4. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Lots of people have holidays and move up to step 4 for the duration. But I've been away for a week and just made healthier choices than I usually would but drank beer. Having jumped from Cambridge to normal food and booze I put on 2lbs over the week. It's your holiday so just enjoy it!
  5. KMcHugh86

    KMcHugh86 Member

    :) thanks guys!!

    I think I am just having a very hard day of it - its making me not want to eat normal food so I dont have to go through all of this again!!! but thats no way to live I suppose!
  6. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Take some products (bars?) with you and try and make wise choices if you really are concerned hun

    Current loss: 12lbs and 7.5inches
  7. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    I lost 5 and half stone eating healthily and exercise , I still put all the weight back on !! When you do any diet if you go back to eating crap you will put on weight

    I agree every1 is negative about diet
    I'm doing step 2 so I don't have to tell work I'm doing it lol xx
  8. KMcHugh86

    KMcHugh86 Member

    Hahaha I am lucky in that my friend in work is doing the "Celebrity Slim" so she is on the shakes and no food as well so we are supporting each other!
  9. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    ITs good to have support! i get slagged off for doing this diet but i dont care. People can judge me as much as they like when i'm thin! lol
  10. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    Ha ha , I plan on loosing 2 stone then telling them I'm on it , and yes it does work lol

    Be good today ladies , let's get skinny and show all the haters :) xxx
  11. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    I havent regained. In fact im still losing weight and eating away. If you've stayed on CD for any period of time you've burned fat and not just lost some water weight so the only way to put it back on is by eating A load of crap. What ive learned though from my personal choices is post diet 1400 calories a day is the max Ican have Iin order to maintain my weight. I work in an office with a sedentary enough lifestyle so 2000 isnt realistic. I wouldnt burn that in a day. That said if you're walking everywhere on hols and out dancing at night you could deffo have more. Everyone puts some weight on on holidays. Make some good choices. Have what you want with a bit of sensible portion control and you'll be grand. I personally also go for lower calorie options these days when im drinking like g&slt's.

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