Weight train while loosing fat.

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    This was first intended as an answer in another tread (Blue Butterfly's one), but then i thought it might as well be a separate one.

    Ok, here are some facts.

    1)Our bodies generally work in only one mode - anabolic (weight gain) and cathabolic (weight loss). You physiologically can't loose fat and gain muscles at the same time. Actually, when you loose fat, you loose muscles too, and vice versa - when you gain muscles, you gain fat. Thats why all sport programmes oriented on building significant muscle mass (like bodybuilders do for example) have two stages - "bulking" and "cutting". When you bulk, you focus on weight lifting and eating a lot, thus you gain mass (both fat and muscle), when you cut - you focus on cardio and restrictive diet, thus loosing mass (both fat and muscle). The trick is maximizing muscle gain and minimizing fat gain on bulk (by heavy weight lifting routines and protein-rich diet) and minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss on cut (cardio + diet). Then you alter between bulking a cutting stages, and with each turn you get more muscle without fat. Thus, if you want to get fit, you must first loose your excessive fat (which will to some muscle loss as well), and then start gaining muscle mass. Thats the only way, alas.

    2)But, you still can (and should) start lifting weights. Why? First, it will minimize your muscle loss (remember - minimize muscle loss on cut), AND get your muscles toned and better prepared to the moment when you will be ready to start bulking (building up muscle mass). Actually, your muscle strength and tone does not directly depend on their size, you can become stronger while loosing some mass too (which will help you gain it back later).

    3)Also, weight training will help you a lot in other ways. It will get your sinew and joints stronger, will improve your posture and many other. And, what is very important, it will improve your self-image, as you will get stronger and achieve some results besides loosing fat.

    Okay, so to the routine. This is a preparatory routine, intended to prepare your muscles to the hard work which will start after some time (all novice weight-lifters should start with it). You should start with 4x15 repetitions in all these exercises -

    1)Bench press
    2)Here would be squats generally, but since you now have a lot of excess fat (no offense), i would recommend to start with Leg press. When you will get in better shape and your legs get stronger you'll change it to squats.
    3)Row machine for your back
    4)Army press (press above your head while sitting).
    If you have a Smith machine (Smith machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) - use it, if you dont - take dumbbells first (you'll switch to barbell later)
    5)Biceps (with curved barbell or dumbbells).
    6)Pec fly.

    Do 4 times 15 repetitions - you must find such a weight, that you can do it 15 times, no more, no less (approximately). Do 15 reps, rest 2-3 mins, do another 15 and so on. If you can't do 4x15, take a lesser weight, if you do it easily, take a greater one.

    Now, you mustn't do it all in one day. We'll split these 6 exercises in 2x3 - one day you train you chest and shoulders, another day - legs, back and arms. Since you are going to do some real work, and get tired, you will have to give you muscles time to rest. I would suggest going to gym once in two days - like this

    Monday - Bench press, Army press, Pec Fly
    Tuesday - Rest
    Wednesday - Leg press, Row, Biceps
    Thursday - Rest
    Friday - Bench press, Army press, Pec Fly
    Saturday&Sunday - Rest
    Monday - Leg press, Row, Biceps
    Tuesday - Rest
    Wednesday - Bench press, Army press, Pec Fly
    Et cetera.

    But! You still must focus on cardio. You start your workout with cardio, and do no less than 40 min total (less than 40 min is not effective at all), only after that you go to the weights.

    Some other advice - it's best if you go to them gym in the morning, and don't eat anything prior to it (you can drink a glass of milk). After gym eat proteins (meat, dairy). Your diet should consist of proteins, slow carbohydrates (like rice and quality pasta, not potatoes/bread) and veggies/fruits. It can actually be very tasty if you can cook them (meat, cheese et cetera) :). It's best if you are hungry when you go to sleep. It might be difficult at first, but after just several times you'll get used to it, and your weight in the morning will be a pleasant surprise.
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    I'm wondering if you're a gym instructor of some sort?

    I was always told, by more than a few people, that exercising on an empty stomach isn't a good idea. And I have to say, the rare times I've done it, I've almost passed out. Surely our body needs some sort of energy to get us through a workout?
    I was also told that one should do a weights workout first, then head to cardio..

    'It's best if you're hungry when you go to sleep' Could you please advise us as to the highly reputable source you gleamed this knowledge from?
  4. Justin

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    I'd also be curious to know where this information came from. To be honest it certainly doesnt resemble a fat loss program, its actually more of something a bodybuilder would follow.

    I dont agree with this portion either. This is all geared towards a bodybuilder, why would you relate it to a regular person wanting to lose fat? The first couple of lines are false Im afraid.
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    Total Solution
    yep im with justin on that, i disagree with the 1st couple lines too, my cousin has proved you can get shredded while weight training, and losing the fat
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