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    ANNTEXT Full Member

    hi there everyone,

    i am looking for some ideas on how everyone makes milkshakes - at the moment i have a tube of slim fast and i been fancy milkshakes

    but with that i was worried with slim fast shakes how much suger in there !

    so i would like to make my own - hopefully no more then 2 points but tell me anyway

    thanks everyone!:)
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  3. Lighterlifer

    Lighterlifer turned Weight Watcher!!!

    Hey Ann, not sure about suagr levels but sometimes I have an old cambrige diet powder shake with just water, or I freeze the tetra and its delish as ice cream, try mini milks, there only half a point and should help the craving he he xx
  4. beth1972

    beth1972 Member

    skim milk
    scoop of either low fat frozen yogurt or low fat ice-cream
    any fresh fruit

    that tastes most like a proper shop bought milkshake but
    is lower in fat and points/calories...

    must be served in a tall glass with a bendy straw too :)
  5. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    If you could post the calories and saturated fat (and the amount that it's for, oh and whether it's with or without milk), then someone here can work out how many points it is.
  6. Fionauk

    Fionauk Full Member

    Hiya the slimfast drinks are 3 points i think (if i remember right) and of course are really a 'full meal' so contain a lot of calories. How about making a smoothie instead? or the ww online calculator says the nesquick powders (strawberry, banana or choc) are 0.5point for 2 tsp (thats not pointing the milk)

    ANNTEXT Full Member

    Well I Worked Out That 25g Of Slim Fast Shake Mix And 250ml Of Semi Skimed Milk Is 3 Points But I Also Worry About The Suger In It As It Don't Help!

    I Think I Am Gonna Try Some Of These Milkshakes Anyway! Thanks X

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