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weight watchers scales?

hello i have them and i find that my weight is not acccurate i have weighted myself on the 6 times a week at the same time each day and the readings are way out. going to have a word with my leader mayb im doing something wrong ??
The WW kitchen scales are very good, we borrowed a set from our leader (she lets someone borrow them each week - ploy to get ppl to buy) most food items are listed in the scales which saves a lot of time. Not bought any yet though can't afford them!
Had a play with these St the Meeting tonight, would love them although can't justify spending that amount...

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I can haz cake?
ok so I'm assuming the fact you are talking about the kitchen scales then... I posted a review on another thread:

love them love them love them!

They weight generic values of food, like bread, pasta, meat etc (monsterous list of food on it)

If you have a packet of something with the nutritional stuff, you can input the "per 100g" nv, then weigh it, et voila points calculated. If you hate having to divide/multiply numbers its brill.

you can do a recipe builder too, like putting lots of food in a pot, item 1 goes in point it, then item 2, points it, etc, then it gives you the recipe value so you can divide as you please. I haven't used that function yet but it looks clever :)

Expensive piece of kit but well worth it! x
lonelymum you cant just get them from tesco, they are weightwatchers branded, and calculate propoints. They're £40 from class.

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