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***Weighty Mateys - June Challenge***

S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
The 15 most active posters are in the chart below, anybody else joins from previous I will gladly add them in :) Also if you notice a wrong entry... PLEASE SAY! :)

June Chart

B2b – 2lb, Hol, Hol, +5.5lb (Loss: +3.5lb)
Cathbro – 4lb, 1.5lb, +0.5lb (Loss: 5lb)
Debbywebby1970 – No losses recorded
Donnie46 – 2lb, 3lb, 1lb (Loss: 6lb)
Ikkle87 – No losses recorded
Jaxmummy – No losses recorded
Malaika – 1.5lb (Loss: 1.5lb)
Metrognome – 0.5lb, 0 (Loss: 0.5lb)
MrsV – Starts next week
Sanicholl – 1lb, +1lb, 0lb (Loss: 0lb)
Sarahandmolly – 2.5lb, 0lb, +1lb, 3lb (Loss: 4.5lb)
Simmy – No losses recorded
Slackalice – 0lb, 2lb, 0.5lb, 1lb (Loss: 3.5lb)
Vickiw – 4lb, +0.5lb, 4lb, +0.5lb (Loss: 7lb)
Weemo - +2lb, 1.5lb, +2lb, 3lb (Loss: 0.5lbs)

July Chart

B2b – 0lb, 0lb, 2lb, 2lb (Loss: 4lbs)
Cathbro – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
deadredhead – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Debbywebby1970 – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Donnie46 – 1lb, 1lb, 1lb, 5lb, 2lb (Loss: 10lbs)
hobbithead – 5lb, 3lb (Loss: 8lbs)
Ikkle87 – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Jaxmummy – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Malaika – +1.5lb, 3.5lb, 0.5lb, 1lb (Loss: 3.5lbs)
Metrognome – 0lb, 2lb, 0.5lb, +0.5lb (Loss: 2lbs)
MissShiraz – 0lb, 0lb, 2lb, 0.5lb (Loss: 2.5lb)
MrsV – 7lb, 2lb, 1lb, +1lb, 5lbs (Loss: 14lbs)
mrs_lever – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (lbs)
Pinksaz – 5lb, 1lb, 0.5lb, 0lb (Loss: 6.5lbs)
Sanicholl – 2lb, +4lb, 0lb, 4.25lb (2.25lbs)
Sarahandmolly – +1lb, No WI, +0.5lb, +0.5lb (+2lbs)
Simmy – 2.5lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (Loss: 2.5lbs)
Slackalice (Reported: 5lbs Loss this month)
Vickiw – 0.5lb, 3lb, no WI, no WI (Loss: 3.5lbs)
Weemo - 0lb, No WI, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
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Silver Member
S: 31st11.5lb C: 31st4.5lb G: 14st11lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 0st7lb(1.57%)
Hi hunni, when you first do the spreadsheet, save it and then click share, then click see who has access. It will say my email and just under says 'sign in is required to view' it needs to say 'let people view without signing in'. I've changed it for you though hun but just so you know for in future other wise it comes up people need to request access :)

Anybody know how many syns in a shop bought meringue nest?
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
Ah ha! Thank you Honey! :D

I think it's 2 syns! x


Silver Member
S: 31st11.5lb C: 31st4.5lb G: 14st11lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 0st7lb(1.57%)
oooh I hope so, I am making low syn eton mess tomorrow :)

Pippy Bear

Fighting the fat!
S: 25st2lb C: 20st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 43.9 Loss: 4st7lb(17.9%)
we've been told they vary between 2-3 depending on make, I ususally count 3 to make sure
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
Ikkle - Hope your Eton mess was nice :)

Pippy - hello :wavey: are you joining our group?

Well I have to have 2 days syn free to stay within my syn allowance! :rolleyes: So going to have a go on my Wii Fit too to see if I can burn some of those calories :)

Today I didn't have a nice experience, well it nearly made me cry to be honest. I popped into the garage before work to get a bottle of water and the woman behind the counter 'How long do you have left?' I was a tad confused so asked her what she was on about and her response was 'until you have your baby!' :eek::cry:I said sorry you must have me confused with someone else... do I look pregnant, her response was 'I am sure it was you who said to me last week that you were expecting!'

Errr no!!!! She never even apologised she just said 'ahhh bless' when I was walking out of the shop! How bl**dy rude!!!! :cry:I am really upset about it... better dust off that ab roller of mine! x

Pippy Bear

Fighting the fat!
S: 25st2lb C: 20st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 43.9 Loss: 4st7lb(17.9%)
Not joining I'm afraid, I'm just a nosy 'sw angel' :eek:

I'm sorry you had such a rough time, people can be so insensitive, if they're not 100% sure they've got the right person they should just keep quiet and smile. Easy to say I know, but try not to let it get you down too much


Trying again!!!
New weigh in day for me and I have put on 2lbs :sigh: (over 2 weeks, didn't wi last week) but I did expect this and to be honest I have probably got away lucky!! Sorry guys :eek::eek::eek: xx

Good luck for tomorrow Sarah, hope you get a good result :D xx

Your "incident" happened me a few years ago when I was about a size 10/12!! I honestly don't know where people get their ideas from! Try not to take it to heart though ~ people can be so thoughtess, they just don't think how their words or actions can affect other people but to be honest many people don't even care!! Keep your chin up hun xx :hug99:
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
Afternoon all :wavey:

Pippy - argh you're from the opposition! :giggle: thanks for your kind words though honey

Hi Weemo :)

Ah well, no need to be sorry about your little gain. You expected it, so just crack on and lose it again next week :) I am sure you can do it.

With regards to the 'incident'... I am a size 12, I was wearing a loose pair of black linin trousers and a black vest top and I know I have a podge but even my mate who is 3 sizes bigger than me said I don't look pregnant! It was just really hurtful that she didn't apologise. Hey ho xx
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
Hello all :wavey:

2.5lbs off for me on Saturday so quite happy with that :)
Hi, newbie here, joined SW last Thurs, Iam at the most I've ever weighed which is 16st 10lbs, though I know most of it is due to medication, I am at present under going chemo for my Lung Cancer and take steroids for the Ist week of my 4 week treament cycle, you may wonder why if taking steroids and got illness that I have why do SW, well the answer is simple, I need to get into the habit of eating healthy and SW seems to offer that and not so much of a diet regime, yet people loose weight on it, so I hope it works for me, need too go on holiday in September, (fingers crossed), and just to give me that extra incentive to healthy eat and loose a few pounds into the bargain I would also like to join your weighty matey group.
Best wishes to All with the group,
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
Well hello there Cathbro! :wavey:

I am really sorry to hear about your Lung Cancer but a huge welcome to our group. I am sure you will lose weight on SW. All you need to do is report in every week with your WI result, we are here for support and obviously we need support off you too :) Well done in joining and good luck in your weight loss xxx


Full Member
S: 20st6lb C: 18st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38 Loss: 1st7lb(7.34%)
Hi everyone - well I managed to put on 0.5lb this week - but it's TOTM and I had a KFC yesterday (I could have eaten a whole big bar of dairy milk too, so I think I was quite restrained! :rolleyes:). I'm back on it now and determined to get a good loss next week.

Sorry for letting you all down :sigh: - I hope you can all make up for it with good weigh ins xx


Full Member
S: 18st8lb C: 11st4.5lb G: 10st11lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 7st3.5lb(39.04%)
Hello Mateys :wavey: and welcome to Cath :welcome2: . I am sure you will soon get your head around the SW plan and healthy eating will just become a "habit". The weight loss is just a nice side effect, lol ;)
Vicky, 0.5 is not too bad while TOTM. Don't think it was the KFC (if you were "good" the rest of the week?). Well done on resisting the whole bar of dairy milk. Don't feel as you had anybody "let down" hunny, we all have our ups and downs. The tiny gain will be off in no time :)
Sarah, 2.5 lb is just fantastic. Well done you :D :0clapper:
Weemo, 2 lbs in 2 weeks is not too bad. I think you know where it was coming from so no surprise really? :) Hope you are back in the zone now? Let us know how you are getting on :D
2 lbs off for me and SOW. :) This was the last WI for 2 weeks for me as I am going on holiday this Thursday . Unfortunately I did not achieve my self set target, was hoping for my 3 st award before going on hols but missed it by 0.5 lb... :eek:. Well, never mind. Going to enjoy my hols :party0049: and will be back on the plan as soon as I am back.
Hope all your WIs go well girls :D
Hugs :gen126:
B. xx
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
Vicki, you haven't let us down silly :gen126: that 1/2 lb will be off next week :)

Well done b2b on your loss and your SOW! :bliss: :clap: I will mark you down as hols on the S/S so I am chasing you for results I won't get! lol :giggle: Have a wonderful time on Holiday xx


Silver Member
S: 13st3.0lb G: 9st11.0lb
Hi guys I would like to join your group. I WI on a Tuesday however I am considering changing my WI day. I do SW at home and find this site an absolute godsend. xx
Hi Matey's and thanks for the welcome, my 1st weigh in will be on Thursday, had a good few day's of healthy eating so fingers crossed,( despite the steroids), I may of dropped a pound or so.
Good Luck to all,
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
Good Luck Cath! :cross:

Welcome Shirley... Look forward to chatting to you.

All - I will update the S/S later and report the 1st weeks Weight Loss Result x


Trying again!!!
Hi everyone :wavey: ~ just getting caught up with all the latest! Thanks for the support guys ~ am pleased to say I'm back on track and really determined ~ again! :rolleyes:

Well done Sarah :clap: ~ that's a great loss, do you prefer your new WI day? I changed mine to a friday and so far so good xx

:welcome: Cath ~ great to have another new member, looking forward to hearing how you get on xx

Vicki that teeny weeny gain and more WILL be gone next week and you haven't let anyone down hun! :hug99:
:welcome2: Shirley ~ it's great to have you on the team ~ when are you thinking of changing your WI day to? xx

:woohoo:Well done on your loss and SOW b2b ~ and a BIG well done on your loss to date, that is fantastic :winner: ~ have a lovely holiday hun, are you off anywhere nice? :character00255: xx

Hope everyone has a good week xx :grouphugg:


is getting better at it
S: 17st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.11%)
hi, thank you for letting me join my weigh in is thursday evening do i start this week or give you my weighin for last week