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Weird and wonderful foods that help your weight loss?


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S: 32st7lb C: 22st7lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 49.3 Loss: 10st0lb(30.77%)
I have been meaning to ask this question for weeks, we have a very lovely lady at our group who almost every week is Slimmer of the week and also Slimmer of the month.
3 weeks ago, someone asked her what she does or what she eats to make sure she loses the weight (she has been with us 12 weeks and has been SOTW 10 times and SOTM every time so far), she constantly loses 3-6lb a week ..(I know this as I weigh her in every week).
She replied that she snacks on frozen peas hmmm...she told us that when she and her family sit down to watch TV or a film, the rest of her family get out their Doritos and other snacks and she gets out the frozen peas, she said she couldn't handle eating low syn snacks or too much fruit, but found (and god knows why she would even try them), that she loved frozen peas so now she eats a bag full regularly lol.
Not sure it's something I would actually want to try myself although the 3-6lbs a week does make it tempting lol
Oh btw we also asked her about exercise and what else she eats as we weren't convinced, she brought a food diary in the following week and assuming it was all true she has a normal food intake to most people other than the peas and said she only started walking a few hundred yards this week.
In 12 weeks she has lost just under 3 and a half stone .
So now I'd like to hear your weird and wonderful suggestions to speed up weight loss. xx
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OMG!!!!!! Hand me the peas!!!!!!


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S: 32st7lb C: 22st7lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 49.3 Loss: 10st0lb(30.77%)
OMG!!!!!! Hand me the peas!!!!!!
:rotflmao: That was my first thought, then I had this image of frozen peas melting in my mouth and it actually made me feel sick :sign0137: xx


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No, no, no, no! Sorry but weight loss isn't a result of one food - it's a combination of the effort you put in all week long, everything that you eat and how active you are. A straight calories in versus calories out.


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I'm guessing she has a lot to lose?


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S: 32st7lb C: 22st7lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 49.3 Loss: 10st0lb(30.77%)
She was 19st 10lb (276lb) when she started and is down to 16st 4lb that's 48lb lost in 12 weeks already and like you Circes I would have said the same ...what goes in and exercise but she swears she has been a couch potato, only starting to move this week and her food diaries aren't that much different to mine...other than the peas that is ...it's got me flummoxed how she loses so much and it's every single week....could be Funky that she gets to go to the loo a lot more, but I'm not sure that would work either, I know myself after a while of upset tummies my body tends to hold the weight not lose it and I eat loads of speed foods everyday, fruit veg and fish as well as quorn, chicken and beans ....My youngest daughter reckons she uses something else, but not sure about that either, why come to SW if she is going to use some other slimming aid as well, what would be the point?...but like I said either way the peas wouldn't be my choice lol xx


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Lol i like eating them frozen as i have been put off by overboiled ones. I think they taste sweeter and sometimes they take the edge off hunger while i'm cooking x
Given the low calorie content of frozen peas, maybe shes burning off a fair portion of what shes consuming in them with the chewing them and then her body warming them up as she digests them?

Good on her, I quite like frozen peas out of the bag, but I couldnt eat that many! She does have a high starting point to come down from though, and that will be helping her losses be bigger too because her diet has probably changed quite drastically. I quite regularly lost 3/4/5 lb on the way down and annoyed the HELL out of my fellow group members on the way.

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