Well hello!


The Diet Guy
Hiya everyone

Am back!!

How has everyone been? Any decent gossip before I go back through the posts ???

hiya mike... what are ya like looking for the 'best gossip' lol you are hanging around with us women far too long!!!

don't think there was any but i'm sure you'll find it hee hee

take care

Gen xx
Welcome back Icemoose I hope you had a good break!


Demon got to her target weight!

Lady in London got the go ahead to start Lipotrim!

thecdthing (Gillian) is just 9lbs. off her target weight!!!

Richard is a member here and the press are after him to do "His Story"!!!

Gen was told she had a nice J lo...

Sharon is for a concert, she got free tickets.

O! O! The WeMITTS are going naked:eek:

Kam is organizing them to go on Channel 4 programme!!!

Sarah had a lovely romatic walk with her husband along the bank of the Thames...

Isobel has all her children at big school.

My wee dog is not well:(

And Madrid has banned under bmi women from modeling...

Love Mini xxx
Great gossip catch ups Mins!!

Thanks muchly

(I only went for 2 days!! It's like Eastenders on here)