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Well, I've made a decision....I am going to try EE...


Slow but sure....
After my WI in the morning I shall be starting my 15th week of SW dieting, and I have been doing quite well on mainly red and a few green days, and I have been afraid to try EE because I didn't want to 'rock the boat' I suppose.....

But, with it being a Bank Holiday weekend and with my family due to come and stay for a week soon, I need to start EE as it is more versitile....

So I am going to try it out next week starting tomorrow, so please bear with me if I am asking questions all the time, I feel very apprehensive about starting it - but with your help hopefully I shall be OK with it, so wish me luck everyone. X
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Trying again!!!
Good luck Donnie ~ I was dubious about doing it but now I hardly every do a green or red day, it really does make life simpler and I never feel hungry when doing it. xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hurrah! Another potential convert! :D Trust me Donnie! If you abandon all the preconceptions and take a leap in the dark, just eat till you're comfortably full then you'll wonder how you ever coped with all the fannying around on red and green!
Good Luck Donnie! :) All you need to remember is 1 HEX each and with synning take the lowest syn value... oh and all free foods on red AND green and free :D xx


Slow but sure....
Thank you everyone, I was feeling really apprehensive about it, but after reading your posts tonight, I am quite excited about starting EE now - so here I gooooooo!!!.....thank's again everyone. X
Yay Donnie!! I only did my first full EE week last week. I have previously done the odd day and liked it but like you was dubious about its success potential.
It's so scary, especially after having red and green drilled into you....but once you get into it, it's so ridiculously simple. Just trust it. The worst that can happen is a teeeeeny gain, which you can get off again going back to what you know in a matter of one week. But you might just love it and it will help you stay on plan over bank hol weekend. And you'll most likely lose, as your body will be like 'woah, what's this, a change? Ok, let's drop some fat!!!' ;)

Remember how you first felt when starting sw? 'surely I can't eat this much and still lose weight? Noooo' Well starting EE was like that for me. Surely I can't mix this much carbs and protein in a meal and still lose...but you will :D

Good luck. Diary it all and let us see how you get on.

H x


Lover of Extra Easy
Good luck Donnie!
You'll love it. I have done both red and green when I was on SW previously (several times) and I much prefer EE as it is so easy!
I think that's why I am still so into it as I really don't feel I am missing out on anything. It's really great!
today was my 2nd day on sw and i gave EE a try and it was easy and i ahve been full, gonna do another one tomorrow.so good luck and i hope you enjoy it


Champion actifryer
I have just completed 3 weeks of EE after several weeks of sts or gain a lb lose a lb on red/green. I lost nearly 3lbs in the first 2 weeks. With * week this week and being prone to lots of water retention, I sts but am finding EE so much easier and more flexible. Go for it :D
Give it a try Hun...see how you get on..thats the only advice that I can give. I do EE once in a while if Im going out for a meal as its easier. I havent attempted a full week yet, but I will......just have to pluck up the courage!


Slow but sure....
It's only my first day - but everything is fine at the moment, and I am enjoying it - strange to be having gammon and potatoe's together tonight though!!!! it will take a while to adjust I think. X


Nojo on the YoYo
I feel the same about it as Mrs V - long time red day user here! I just think I need to be back on plan for a couple of months before I try an EE week. I need to convince myself it will be brilliant!

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