Well started CD today....


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I have been following LL for about 5 months but have got really fed up with it. So i thought i would change over, plus it is too expensive to do LL and CD is about 1/2 the price which means hubby can do this with me as well, he is starting tomorrow. Anyway met my counsellor today and she is lovely and have strated today, had a cappucino shake for lunch it was YUMMY!!!!! really loved it gonna try a soup in a while and the mint choc this evening, really excited about doing this now feel like its all new again. I have had a week off from LL and have menged to put on about 4lbs which i was gutted with, nevermind hopefully that will be off by the end of the week. How much do you think is reasoable to say i would lose this week bearing in mind i have been doing LL and have lost 5st, Do you think the weight loss will still be as high, fingers crossed. Anyway lovely to be part of this board and look forward to getting to know you all.

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Oh yeah I'm sure u'll do great. I went off CD for 3 days and put on a pound. I was eating loads of carbs but it came off the following plus an extra pound so don't panic.
Well done on ur achievement so far!