Well, that peed all over my bonfire!


I ate my willpower!
I thought that I would do a little experiment last week and combine CD with Atkins. So I ate chicken, mayo a little bit f salad - (I am sure you all get the picture). I didn't come out of ketosis so I was feeling kinda smug - I can do this, I can eat and still loose weight etc etc!


Had my weigh in today and I stayed the same :eek:

I have lost 2 inches on my waist, but still :mad:

I am now back on SS and not going to try and be so clever again. I have also killed my inner chatterbox as she was annoying me!
Well, if you don't experiment you won't make any discoveries - it was worth a try. And at least you didn't put anything on. And two inches from the waist is great!
Well you know not to do that again.
Inches of is great though.
Stick with SS this week and the pounds will come of as well
Have a good week babe