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16lb to go!
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Wow look at you! :D great progress!

And no I can hardly see your butt in those size 14's hehehe!


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Looking great FYM!! Does this mean that you are all back on track?

It's such a good feeling, and I definitely can't see any muffin top there! Just had to go on Ebay for some Next size 12 jeans tonight and I absolutely can't believe it! It was only 12 weeks ago that I had almost outgrown being able to shop in Next!

Hope you are all back on track and have to say you are looking absolutely fabulous!


Do a little dance!
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Wahey! Go you...looking very good in those lovely 14s.

Lovely turn ups by the way :D


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well done hun
daisy x


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We are or rather were the same weight and height....you are going to now be my slim-spiration!


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S: 22st0lb C: 17st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 45.9 Loss: 4st9lb(21.1%)
Thanks guy's :) and yes poppy i'm back on track now feeling really positive about everything. Think I might have got to the bottom of my problems too :).

I dunno about slim-spiration but I'm getting there :D

Emma xXx


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Wow, good on you!

Must be a great feeling to get in the size 14s, not long to 12 hey!

Louale x


nearly there!! :)
woo hoo get u hunni well done chic xxx


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You look fabulous Emma, glad your getting back on track.


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Got into my size 14's and wore them all day and could breathe lol anyway have uploaded my week 12/13 progress pics,

Emma xXx

wow check you out!!!

you look great yummy and you are looking like an hour glass with that body.

well done!


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Great news Emma

I've been worried about you. i know you've struggled a bit lately.
Well done. You look fab in the pics.
Congratulations. Nearly there .xxx


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Wow well done Emma, you look fantastic!! Isn't it the greatest feeling dropping sizes!!! :D:D:D