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and what a weird experience clothes shopping is now, im too small for the shops i used to shop in and i will never be small enough for the twig shops, im now a 16 which is good for my height im happy at that size,(i was a 24) but most clothes shops now i have found stop at a 14, and when i asked what some shops large sizes were they were classing a 14 as a large :eek: , next size 16 looked tiny and also the trend seems to be that everything has such a short body length, im long and its so frustrating still to buy clothes after having lost all this weight, i did find some stuff in peacocks in a 16 which fitted well, but it seems they only do black red or white clothes in my local shop :D
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Hi Gillian

It ofcourse is lovely to be small and looking at smaller sizes which you can often pick up so much cheaper. I do know what you mean about it being confusing though. I'm sure sizing has changed in the last few years and as I haven't been this small since before I had children my body shape has changed too. It seems that we need to have a few shopping trips where we dare to go where we haven't been before or for years and just try everything on.

Unfortunately I found out that outlet shops for instance Next don't have fitting rooms so the other day I had to buy jeans in a 12, 14 and 16 and take them into borders next door and use the loo in Starbucks to try them on. With my 4 year old in tow it was a struggle but was thrilled that one pair in a 12L and one style in a 14L fit (£7 a pair!) and took the others back. It was embarassing but I was desperate to wear some Jeans that fit and the shop was about an hour away from me.

I do really need to take a couple of days when I have plenty of time to go visit the names in the high street that I'm unaware of. It is really weird to have no idea what size you are??? I guess nice weird though as it's smaller rather than larger these days.

Good old M&S is always a good bet though if you only have time to visit one shop.

Hope you soon get to enjoy the shopping I'm looking forward to when I do!

Dizzy x


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It must be frustrating...but in some ways - what a lovely dilemma...did you ever foresee the day when this might be a problem! You've done so well with your wieght loss - it's better to have this frustration not knowing your size than knowing you are a size 24!