went to wetherspoons today


Gone, but who cares huh
it was hubbys birthday we werent gonna go, but after reading the menu i realised i could have the chicken salad as im on aam part of stabilisation, i didnt eat the tomatoes, and i didnt have the dressing, but when they bought it out hubby had ordered the warm chciken and bacon salad instead, which just had bacon bits in it, i must admit i ate a few of the bacon bits but im hoping that as there wasnt much chciken and lots of lettuce i should be ok, :confused:
Hi Gillian
Happy birthday Gillians hubby
I think you did really well babe made a good choice,the chick and salad were fine Hopefully the little bacon will be ok.
You should be proud of yourself for making a good choice.
Well done babe
thanks, i felt quite confident about the choice when i made it , its just since i came home that i feel guilty lol, having said that i t was so nice torelax and enjoy a meal and he had chips and steak and i can honesly say i didnt want any chips, the bacon made mine very tasty,

and considering there is a lemon drizzle cake sitting in the kitchen and i have been nowhere near and dont want to , im quite impressed with myself,
ooooo happy birthday to hubby from me

im sure what you had wasnt that much

stop worrying woman ;)
im ok sugar plum;) feeling much better now

hubby wants me to go out sat for me birthday-but im gunna look kinda stupid sipping water whilst he's chomping on his steak and chips aint i

oooooo my tread mill comes tommorow

*cant wait*
nah rather not tempt my taste buds im a eat one thing devour the whole chicken (and his plate) kinda gal

so ive said we'll get a dvd and slob out on the sofa (my kind of heaven) and calorie free ;)

still want a prezzie though :)
it's about carbs.. and the tomatoes are quite high. BUT the good news is bacon isn't. unless it was coated in anything.. or smoked - which adds a little carbs i believe.

I'm sure you'll be fine Gillian, you are doing so well!!

I'm a steak and chips and worry about it tomorrow kinda girl.. yep and probably a pudding if i was in a 'F**k it' mood! :p Well.. i AM honest! lol