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Westiedogs LL Journey

Well here I go again! Lost the weight about 3 years ago on LL unfortunately thought I could go it alone and I put it all back on plus more. :eek:

At the minute I cant go back to class for financial reasons so I have about 5 weeks LL food packs, some CD and W8 packs. Im going to have to make do at the minute with what I have. :sigh:

Today is day 1 and feeling positive. I have bought myself a note book and I will be writing down everything that passes my lips including water. :cry:

So far today I have had 3 pints of sparkling water and I will have a vanilla pack at about 10am.

Wish me luck x :wave_cry:
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Strong women stay slim
Good luck on the mix of VLCD , which packs do you like out of all of them ?
Thank you. Cambridge taste nicer but I feel fuller on LL.


Strong women stay slim
There is a bar on LL i just love , can't think of what its called but it was way too nice


Strong women stay slim
is that purple wrapper ?


Is feeling the love!
no it's a black and brown wrapper, but they have recently changed a lot of packaging so i dont know if they used to be in a purple wrapper.


Strong women stay slim
Ok more confused , i need to get my hands on them again and try them but can't lol CD will do lol ... unless anyone knows where I can get my hands on them that is lol
Unfortunately I only have supplies of foodpacks and no bars :cry: have none left. Bars were the highlight of my day first time around :break_diet:x
Thats day one over. :D

Feeling positive for today day 2. On holiday from work at the minute and that makes things easier to get into a routine. I work shifts in a quite stressful job and its when I finish late at night and the wine, crisps and cheese normally call my name :cry:.

Will let you know how the day goes. Off to take my mums car for MOT :confused: hope it passes x


Strong women stay slim
Highlight of the day the bar lol
Glad you made day one !
Did the car pass the MOT
Good news car passed MOT. Had loads of free black coffee at the garage while I waited.

Having my 1st shake of the day - strawberry with mousse mix. Did it in a blender and its still lumpy!! Never mind will give me something to chew on x:17729:
Thats day 2 under my belt.
Now into day 3 - the little eat some food voices were calling last night, opened the fridge to look what was in there but I closed the door and drank water!!

Felt awful yesterday - tired, headache and jaw was aching as if I had been clenching my teeth :sigh:.

Feel a bit better this morning. I know this is worth it for quick results and I am off on holiday on 16th September - I need to lose at least 1.5 stones before then for at least some of my holiday clothes to fit me- I will do it :eek::eek::eek: x

As mentioned earlier I have no bars!!!

Does any one know if there are any which will not spoil the plan that I can buy over the counter.

Like slimfast etc etc? Thank you x


Is feeling the love!
I wouldn't buy anything like that over the counter because of the carb and sugar level. I was told you can buy the Exante bars seperate from their website if thats any help.
Thanks Linda

Will try their web site x


...we're sinking deeper.
How about Atkins bars? They usually sell them at Boots. I'd stay away from SlimFast as that's a whole different kettle of fish - they are usually higher in calories/have more carbs/sugar in them as they are supposed to be a FULL MEAL replacement bar. Atkins since is a low-carb sort of diet would be better suited.
Also, the Tony Ferguson diet they do? I'm not entirely sure if they can sell the bars seperately if you're not 'on their plan' but I guess doesn't hurt to ask.
As far as bars go, stay away from things that are above 250ish calories; and stay away from things that have chocolate in them.

Wishing you luck! Keep strong, it's worth it. After the 1st week it gets easier. xx
Thanks everyone. Tried to order bars on line but for some reason card wouldnt work. Checked internet banking and plenty money there.

Found one lighterlife bar in an old work bag. Been to Superdrug and bought some Celebrity Slim bars - they appear to have just about the same carbs, fat and calories as the LL bars - just had a choc caramel one for b/fast with black coffee and oddly enough they taste exactly the same as the LL ones. They were around £2.49 each- not cheap but cheaper than paying £70 p/week for LL. I have about 6-7 weeks supply of assorted LL/CD/W8 food packs.
Feeling a lot better today not as headachey and tired-think the worst is over. Feeling really positive about the weight-loss.

Decided that when I hit the 11's - which I am going to do Im going to go through my clothes x


Is feeling the love!
Hi, did you get any ketostix so you can see when you have got into ketosis?

I got a pack of 50 from Boots for £5.20. They didn't ask my why I wanted them but I did have to ask at the pharmacy for them.

I find them really useful when I am thinking about eating, I use a stick prove to myself I am doing this and it gets me straight again.

What day are you going to weigh in?

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