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"Wet" eggs.

kerry b

Silver Member
I have made a sort of quiche type thing a few times. Just egg with maybe cheese or ham depending on my mood. While they taste lovely I find that they are very watery and "Wet" tasting which is off putting to say the least. I cook them in a silicone muffin tray then take them out the oven and leave in the tray while they cool. What am I doing wrong? Should I be removing them from the tray while still hot? This is a brilliant dish for lunch at work but the thought of it puts me off making it again.
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Hmm, not sure! This happens to me when I make SW quiche, but this is because I fill it with veg (tomatoes, peppers, onions) and the moisture comes from them.

I just take the dish out of the oven a couple of times during cooking and pour it off!


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What quantities of egg and cottage cheese are you using - I've never had a wet quiche let alone have to drain liquid off!


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So far I've only made the one with pasta in the base with veggies on top. I've not had a wet one either..


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Mine goes watery if I don't cook my veg first, but if I fry any mushrooms, onions etc first, and then add them to the mixture, I don't have any problems.


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I had a slight moistness to mine lastnight but i didnt cook my veg first and i had mushrooms and corgette in there... but it wasnt overly wet iykwim


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i normally fry the veg off aswell, and do have any issues with it being wet.

kerry b

Silver Member
Im not putting any veg in it or cottage cheese. I use 5 eggs and 2 hex a portions of cheese and maybe some ham depending on which plan im following. This makes 6 mini "quiches". I got the idea from the gammon loaf in last months magazine but instead of a big loaf I make little mini ones.

Not having to drain any water off but when you bite into the quiche it is very watery and "wet" tasting. Dont know how else to describe it. I have made both the pasta quiche and the SW quiche and they seem fine .


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Have you tried frying the bottom with frylight and grilling the top...so it'd be more like an omelette? You could ensure it was properly cooked then by poking the tops when grilling. If it's "wet" it sounds like it's not being cooked inside properly.

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