what a day...


I will be skinny again!!!
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Awwww im sorry to hear you ate :(

What did you eat??

Dont let it get you down.. get back on the horse mrs!! Tomorrow is another day xxx


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oh im so sorry but best thing to do is not beat yourself up and do not eat anything else just keep going you may not do any damage at all that way!! i have been trying to restart for weeks and would do great all day then give in at night and omg the guilt after eating was awful but i kept doing it stupid isn't it!! i now have a god awful pic on my phone to look at every time im tempted and its worked the last three days fingers crossed it'll keep working!!! jump back on board the
lt train im sure you haven't done much harm xx:)



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Hi slimmer

Hang in there!!!!! You know you have done it now, so just try and move on...all is not lost.

You have done well getting to where you are as you know how difficult it was for you to get past even 3 days! You got past that.

Remember what Bells said,,,a good day usually follows a bad day and you were so greedy (in the good sense) to lose more weight....now, a bad day...just move on. Dust yourself and keep yourself focussed.
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Don't feel bad, sometimes a little of what we fancy does us good, just be good tomorrow.


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Bless you....dust yourself off and start again tomorrow. Good luck hun and don't beat yourself up over it xxxx

xx Cathy xx

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Don't worry about it hun, put it behind you as tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning. If you've ever watched the lion king think about the baboon who says "its doesn't matter, its in ze past!" (sorry for daft quote lol)


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ah cathy lol good quote... and yep im with scotsmist..thats the way i look at it ...good days and bad days.. the best thing to do is to push it behind you.its over no point crying over sspilt milk..just get right back on those shakes and youll feel like you never came off.... after the rain comes the sunshine... best of luck xx