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What a fool!

:cry: I've done it again!!! Sabotaged my achievements with a 4 day binge and now I am A MASSIVE STONE HEAVIER!

I really can't believe that I have come into work today a stone heavier than when I left here on Thursday evening??

I had family visiting from Ireland and was very much looking forward to the weekend. I am (or should I say WAS) at goal and had planned to allow myself some nice treats over the weekend. A couple of meals out, a few drinks and an Easter Egg. Instead I went totally over the top - and as a result didn't even enjoy the treats I had?! I was never hungry enough to appreciate them - just felt as though I was forcing food in as soon as I had a little bit of space. My tummy is huge and it's really hurting me. Feels like someone has pumped me up with a bicycle pump and looks like I'm a good 6 or 7 months pregnant!

I always put on super quick if I cheat but don't seem to have too much trouble getting back to SSing afterwards and do loose it quite fast. I am worried this time though as I don't have much time! :cry:

I'm supposed to be seeing some friends on Friday who I haven't seen for ages - I've been REALLY looking forward to it. I wanted to feel my best and wanted them to notice the weight I had lost. I bought a new outfit, booked in for a spray tan and hairdo etc but now I feel like I don't want to go. I doubt I'd get the outfit on and know I will just feel sh1tty about myself in general.

Have been thinking of possible excuses but am sick of stopping myself from doing things based on how I look/feel. I'm quite sure my friends won't care - so why am I so damn shallow?!

Am just wondering - has anyone else ever gained a stone in 4 days? and if so - how quickly did it come off once back to SSing? I know that in the past my tummy has gone back to normal quite quickly, but I just can't remember if it was 3 and a half days quickly!

BTW - when I logged on this morning full of shame and self pity I expected to find lots of posts by those that had fallen foul to the bank holiday weekend = time to cheat routine. I am so pleased (but also very :jelous: ) to see that confession posts are very few and far between today so WELL DONE to everyone who managed to get through the weekend and easter egg temptation unphased! :clap:

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Have a serene day!!
Hiya, I gained half a stone in a day, but I got it off in 3 so drink the water, don't cheat (look who's talking!) and also check if you have been to the loo, you may find that could be a part of it??

Take care and don't beat yourself up to much, you at least have got to goal and you know what to do to get back there.

Plan some menus for when you get back there.

Take care and remember you have the support here.

Hey I cheated too and have put on half a stone over the weekend:eek:...I pigged out that much! I was determined to re-start yesterday but failed again due to having chocolate easter eggs staring me in the face. :sigh:

I now feel that i've had enough, if not far too much chocolate and I just don't want it anymore. My little girl still has an enormous mound of easter eggs to get through which will probably last until christmas (she's only 15 months) but I am resisting...no not resisting...REFUSING to help her get through them, my other half can do it. I've stuck to it so far today and will do from now on. I'm utterly ashamed of myself for being so weak-willed... but no more!

So don't worry yo-yo:patback:...you are most definately not the only one! just don't dwell on in because its done but now.....WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

And a super well done to everyone who got through easter successfully! :clap:


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If you get back on track straight away Im sure that you will be fine by the weekend, the weight gain will be your body holding water. You will be looking fab with your new outfit, hairdo and your tan. Look forward to the weekend you will have a great time and your friend will be so impressed with you.

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Hi Yo Yo

Please don't beat yourself up over this, you are most likely to be holding water & food still in the system (have a big Poo....lol). Honestly hun i'm sure if you drink loads anloasds of water to flush it all through and get back to SSing i'm sure it will all disappear very quickly....

Good luck hun, let us know how it goes...

Hello Yo Yo,

How long is it since you have seen your friends you're supposed to be seeing on Friday? I think you should still go....be really good from now and drink loads of water and I'm sure most of the weight you have put on will come straight back off again.

I'm sure you will look great...you have done so well, don't give yourself a hard time over what has happened..draw a line under it and carry on!

Good luck and let us know if you decide to go and how it went x x


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Glycogen weight does disappear fast once you go back to SS-ing, but not quite as fast as it was regained! Well not with me.

The fact that it is possible to show a gain of up to a stone in four days is the one aspect of VLCD-ing I hate. As I've posted elsewhere I am starting to take the view that, since we must and will ALL regain the glycogen at some point following healthy eating - we need it to fuel our muscles - we are actually constantly registering a false low weight while SS-ing.

It looks great on the scales and boosts our confidence but one takeaway can add 7lbs overnight and that is scary! If you are a couple of carb meals away from a much higher weight, perhaps the higher weight is the 'real' one?

Just a thought. In my head, from now on, I will be adding 7lbs to my SS-ing weight. That way I won't feel so devastated when I reintroduce normal food on a daily basis.
That's a really good way of looking at the weight side of things...I might add 7lbs on to my weight too! Then get to 7lbs below my target and then it won't be such a shock when I start reintroducing food.


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Yep, that's how I see it now. When you've lost stones, being realistic about the last half-stone makes sense, I reckon. We are all hoping to be in this for the longer haul. And to get to goal and (mostly) stay there.
We're going for it!
Ah thanks for your replies and support.

I've had a good day - no I'll rephrase that - I've BEEN good, but it hasn't been a good day! Why is it always so hard to go back to work after a bank holiday? It's only 2 extra days??And I've felt STARVING all day. Come back ketosis, all is forgiven - even the smelly breath!

I did lose a little extra weight in order to have a "buffer" but got to like being that weight and now feel disappointed being at my original goal weight! Never happy are we?!

The last time I saw this group of friends I was about half a stone heavier than I am now and and they were all complimentary (as this was 8 stone lighter than the biggest they've seen me at!).

I just feel disappointed with myself because just last Thursday I actually felt slim - not a chubby person in a carefully chosen outfit trying to appear slim - but slim. I wanted to go out with that feeling instead of how I'm going to feel now.

For some reason I've always felt nervous around these girls - they have never given me any reason to - just my own insecurity. We all used to work together about 5 years ago. They were really good fun and very popular and I always felt baffled when they asked me to go out with them. I had some great nights and weekends away with them but did always feel like the frumpy one. They are all around the same age as me (34) but none of them have kids so I guess I just always felt older. I had high hopes of going out with them this time and feeling...erm... worthy I guess?

I am just being silly - once I get out and get a few Brandy's down me (yes, MORE cheating!) I'm sure I'll have a fab time regardless of this stones worth of easter eggs I'm carrying round with me!

Have to go now as DD is pestering me for the laptop - well it is hers, so I suppose I'll have to give it to her!

Thanks again for all your replies xxx


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Hi hunny!
Don't know why you get baffled when they invite you out with them! You're probably the life 'n soul of the party, absolutely fabulous to be with, keep the conversations going, and keep the giggles flowing too! They WANT you there because they just do - for tons of reasons!
True friends love you no matter what your size, what outfit you're wearing, or how long between catch-ups! :grouphugg:

You go enjoy yourself! You're so worth it!!!;)

Lainey xx

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